Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Piano Player

In my hands I have a heritage, a treasure no one can steal. When I leave I will bring with me much knowledge that I have stored over the years. This knowledge I have tried to pass down to my faithful students Mark Song and Cordelia Mejin, and I am more than confident that they, together with Chara Teh and Anders Cheng, will continue to carry on the legacy of great pianists that EmBaCY has produced for every generation.
Mark, I am counting on you to be better than me!!

One of my enthusiastic students asked me to give her a copy of a list I have formed of the songs that require certain skills. While it is not the most complete list and there definitely will be more to come, I daresay anyone who can grasp all the intros and parts in the list can survive quite well.

Piano Intros
- From the Inside Out
- Rain Down (Planetshakers)
- Who Am I
- *We Fall Down
- *Still
- **Here In My Life
- *Center of My Life
- At the Cross
- *Oceans Will Part
- Emmanuel
- With All I Am
- *Hosanna (Paradise)
- *You Are My World
- *Light In The Dark (EmBaCY)
- *To the Ends of the Earth
- Shout to the Lord
- **All For Love
- **This is my Desire
- **Sing
- *Take All of Me
- *Magnificent
- Everliving God
- I Believe (Planetshakers)
- Secret Place (Planetshakers)
- Evermore (Planetshakers)
- **Fall in This Place
- **Worship You Alone
- *I'm Forever Yours
- Save Australia/Malaysia
- Jesus (Planetshakers)
- **You Alone Are God
- I Could Only Imagine
- Saviour (God He Reigns)
- Worthy is the Lamb

Keyboard/Synthesizer Intros
- God of Miracles
- *Majesty (Delirious)
- **Majesty (Planetshakers)
- **Always & Forever
- *Pick It Up
- *Rise Up and Praise Him
- *Give Thanks to the Lord
- Church on Fire
- Everything That Has Breath
- Great and Mighty (Planetshakers)
- **Shine Like Stars
- Beautiful Saviour
- *I'm Forever Yours

Piano Solos
- *Look to You
- **You Alone are God
- *Worship You Alone
- I believe (Planetshakers)

Keyboard/Synthesizer Solos
- **Shine Like Stars
- *Shout of El-Shaddai

Piano: Other
- Hear our Praises - verse
- Breathing the Breath - chorus
- Beautiful One - verse
- Rain Down (Delirious) - verse
- *The Stand - chorus
- *I'm Forever Yours - whole song

The songs with an asterisk (*) are the ones that all pianists (at least in youth) MUST know... two asterisks (**) mean it's very important, duh.
I know, it's a lot of songs, right? But if you really want to excel... and as Steve Harris said, anointing equals excellence. You MUST strive to worship God in excellence. When you work hard, in anything at all, God will surely reward you!
And as I always tell my students: Worship God on the piano the way you worship God in song, express your devotion, don't play for the sake of playing. Understood? Good.

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