Monday, June 20, 2011

A Child's Poem

I was digging up old stuff and throwing stuff out of my room and I uncovered this really old poem that I wrote many years ago when I might have been in primary school. It was titled "Just For You" and was for my sister Hosanna...

"Just For You"

Dearest Hosanna...

Handphones may be costly,
Ornaments expensive,
Still you're so priceless to me;
Ants may work tirelessly,
Nothing can stop them,
No obstacle blocks them,
Yet you're more determined than these.

Shining is your personality,
It melts the hearts of many;
Sparkling is your innocence,
That softens the heart of our granny;
Encouraging are your smiles,
Reminds me always to be canny*.

Kindness is always in you,
Orbiting your soft heart;
Seeing me disturbing what you do,
And when in your room I fart;
Nevertheless, you forgive me,
Nothing stops you from laughing along,
And from your heart is where everything will start.

Somewhere there's a handsome teen,
In anxiety to attract your heart;
Still he waits ever so patiently,
Till there's the date of shopping together in a mart;
Entitled to be the most beautiful woman,
Realistic are my words that doesn't contain a single wart.

*canny - shrewd, wary or kind, term of approval

I laughed when I read this poem again, many many years later. I used to have a penchant for writing rhymes when I was a kid. I wonder where that went.

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