Monday, June 20, 2011

Creative Writing: Miracle of the Night

This is a story I wrote in secondary school for English class. We had to use certain words or phrases in one single story: "out of sight, out of mind", "double cheese burger", "Spongesbob Squarepants", "Rise if possible", "prom night" and so on. I underlined the required words. Enjoy!

"Miracle of the Night"

"Go away, you ugly beast! I don't want to see you ever again!"

The words kept ringing in my ears, stinging me and hurting me. The memory of it all replayed in my head, like a non-programmable DVD player that never stops. It was just a few days ago that we were such close friends, Ywonne and I. She had confided in me about a certain issue in her life, but woe to me and my big mouth that let the little pieces of information slip out to another friend, Wance. The events that followed were so terrible, it hurts to recount it.

The saying goes, that out of sight, out of mind, but as I trudged through the park near my house, I kept thinking about the incident painfully. I was so afraid that the many years we had together would be utterly destroyed because of a slip of my wretched tongue.

Suddenly I remembered Shrek II, where a saying goes that "happiness is just a teardrop away". I sat on a rock under the evening sky and began to let my tears cascade into a waterfall of glistening sparkles. Suddenly, the sparkles began to swirl around me, and I felt like I was sitting on a rock in a completely different forest.

The first thing to cross my line of sight was a shimmering pink fairy dancing in the wind. My breath and sobs were put on hold as I stared in disbelief. Then another blue fairy popped out from the trees, and another green winged creature from beneath a toadstool. In the blink of an eye, the whole forest was bursting and bustling with magical life!

Hundreds of fairies began to dance and make merry around the forest. Tables and magical food began to materialise out of thin air. I found a long table topped with all kinds of delicacies one could imagine. I asked a fairy what was going on. She replied, "It is out fairy's prom night, darling! Come and have a bite to eat!"

At the table, I helped myself to the most amazing food of my life. They had delicious chocolate that burst into a warm, pulsating juice that filled my mouth whenever I bit into it. There was a magic marshmallow that exploded into small flakes of tangy snow when bitten into, and a fantastic double cheese burger that shivered in my mouth.

Then the guest of honours arrived - it was Spongebob Squarepants! Along with him came Shrek the ogre, his wife Fiona, Puss in Boots and the Donkey. Puss captured his audience's heart with his deep Spanish voice and a ballad to soothe their souls.

"Oh no, amigo!" he gasped, for suddenly a great darkness enveloped the skies, casting chaos upon the party. It was the Ugly Stepsisters and the Evil Witches of the Northwest who flew by on their broomsticks and dustpans, flinging evil spells all over the place and cackling like there was no tomorrow. A zap of dark light streaked past my eyes and was headed towards Patrick. Spongebob saw it; he ran and shouted but Patrick was oblivious to the immediate danger. A great scream of pain rang out through the forest.

The witches cackled with delight and their successful attack, and left as swiftly as they came. The fairies rushed to see who had fallen. It was Spongebob! He had threw himself over Patrick and took the blow in his friend's place. The colour disappeared from Spongebob's bright face. Puss in Boots took off his hat to pay his respects. All was solemn and gloomy.

Patrick cried and hugged Spongebob tightly. "No, don't go!"

Spongebob looked at his friend and smiled despite the pain. "I am proud to die in sacrifice for a friend." Then he closed his eyes. His body went limp.

It seemed like an eternity that everyone stopped moving or breathing. All hope seemed lost for the dear sea sponge that had been a great friend to everyone. Suddenly the Good Fairy came with a large cross-like wooden structure with the letters "R.I.P" engraved. She held it high in the air.

"No, he can't die yet!" cried Mr. Krabb.

The Good Fairy smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. "No, dear, R.I.P means Rise If Possible." She looked up into the sky. "If the stars see it fit that Spongebob should live on, then it shall be done."

As Patrick looked on, a tear dropped from his eyes and fell upon Spongebob's spongy body. The other fairies' tears also dropped one by one onto the ground, and from there the sponge soaked up all the tears. The sparkles of tears formed into a swirling light enveloping Spongebob's square body, and life was breathed back into his body.

"A miracle," whispered the fairies. As Spongebob's eyes opened, I felt myself floating up into the air. Swirls of magical light lifted me into the sky and I suddenly found myself back in a familiar park where I had bawled my eyes out not too long ago.

I had seen enough to know what I had to do. With a renewed determination and a piece of magical chocolate in my pocket, I ran all the way to Ywonne's house, knowing that I had to make things right with a friend I would be willing to die for.

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