Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspire Me: The Lady Doing Her PhD

My mom met this lady in KL when they were both finding their way to UM (Universiti Malaya). The lady, whose name will be changed to "Siti" for privacy reasons, was going to UM to see her supervisor for her PhD thesis, in the field of TESL (Teach English as Second Language). Siti was pregnant. Okay, so that made things a little more difficult. Also, she was due to deliver, so after the meeting with her supervisor, Siti was going to the hospital for an appointment and check-up. But get this: Siti was BLIND.

Siti was walking around in the rain with a walking stick, trying to get a cab. My mom went with Siti to UM. Apparently Siti has a horrible husband who cares nothing for her nor the baby.

But look at her situation!! Already unfortunate to be blind, but she did her Masters in Sabah and is now doing her PhD. Then she gets pregnant, gets married to the wrong guy, but yet she still perseveres and pushes onward and forward.

Now THAT's what I call determination. To the max!

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