Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Dream of Ice Cream

Another song I wrote, called "I Dream of Ice Cream", was a random thought while eating ice cream. I recorded this in two hours. I did one with Mark as well a week or so ago but I tweaked it here and there so here's the new one.

(note: if you can't play it immediately, wait a few minutes for the song to load. If still cannot then you probably don't have the latest Flash so either go update or ask me to email you the song. Cheers!)

I Dream of Ice Cream
By Samuel K Lis September 2011

Verse 1:

Fluffy puffy sugary sweet
Like a fluffy puffy ice cream
Melting like snowflakes on my teeth
Melting in my mouth, the calories

Verse 2:

Fluffy puffy sugary sweet
You’re like a fluffy ice cream
I’m melting when you’re with me
Melting in my heart, I’m happy


Honey I love you like I love ice cream
Cos you’re so sweet and refreshing
Honey I love you like I love sweet dreams
Cos you’re so sweet and magical to me

Verse 3:

I dream only of the best ice cream
I dream of it like you and me
I want you like I want ice cream
A lifetime’s stock of heavenly ice cream

Bridge 1:

But if I had to choose between you
And the best quality ice cream
I’m sorry, honey
I’m not sure which one I’d choose


I dream of ice cream
I love you like I love ice cream

I’m sorry maybe I don’t love you
All that much after all

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