Thursday, February 02, 2012

Something Greater

New songs come by very rarely these days, since free time comes by rarely, but I had a free afternoon and I was bored so I wrote this new song, Something Greater. Maybe it was to motivate myself to keep going when studying gets hard. =D

Something Greater
by Samuel K Lis

Verse 1

I set out with a plan
I set out with a mission
I set out with a destiny
Some days I’m just so tired
Some days I don’t know what I see
Some days, it’s just a fantasy

Pre chorus:

But I’ll keep pushing on
Cos there’s a better place beyond
I’ll keep reaching out
Reaching for something to hold on


It’s the dream that I’m trying to see
It’s a mountain I will conquer
There’s a hope I can believe
It’s something greater
There’s something greater in me

Verse 2

This is a random song
Trying to get you going
Though I try to make it up
But I can’t, I want to be free
This is a purpose driven
Life that I’m trying to live
So come on and step out
And take the world with me

Pre chorus:

I’ll keep running
Cos there’s a better place beyond
I’ll keep flying
Until I reach my destiny

Just believe
Just believe

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