Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Steady Pulse

A Steady Pulse
Samuel K Lis, August 2012

Can you hear my pulse
Pounding to the beat of a drum
Can you hear my heart
Bursting to the heat of the sun
Can you hear the rush
The pump of the artery
Marching like an army
A steady pulse

The valves won’t flutter
The muscles are strong
This heart has power
It goes on and on

When I’m in a battle
Now I’m ready to win
But when I see you smiling
Then my strength caves in

 It’s like a war
The trumpet sounding
A call to the war zone
It’s so bizarre
Cos when you say my name
Then my heart goes

Boom boom
Boom boom
Boom boom

[note, physiologically speaking the pulse is a single sound, not a boom-boom, but whatever...]

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