Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't Know if Love is Forever

Don’t Know If Love is Forever
Samuel K Lis August 2012
~ this song is inspired by two of my friends who are in love,
but afraid that distance will keep them apart


I don’t want to lead you on
Playing you like you don’t matter
But it feels like that’s what’s going on
If we keep on together

I don’t want to melt your heart
Knowing that it’ll all be over
Because the distance will keep us apart
Don’t know if love is forever


Go find someone who will treat you right
Who will, care for you and it will be alright
Cos I won’t be there for you, in the morning light
I can’t wipe your tears in the cool of night

Go find someone who can hold you tight
When you, need a man who can help you fight
Cos I don’t ever want to see you cry
But why does my heart tell me that this is right


Girl, I can’t be here forever
I’ll be gone, there’s too little time
Do you really think that we can be together
Will you really be mine
Could we stand the distance?
Will you really be mine?


I don’t want to make promises
That I don’t think will last forever
Cos I have to go far away,
I can’t stay much longer

I don’t want to fall in love
Knowing that it’ll all be over
But I don’t think I can just let you go
Don’t think I can ever let you go