Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tell It To Me

“Tell It To Me”
Sam K Lis August 2012
inspired by two friends,
one who seems to be reluctant
to tell it to her.

I like you, I really do
But I don’t know if you do too
Kinda think there’s something going on
But it feels like you feel like there’s something wrong

I like you, I really do
My friends tell me that you do too
I don’t know what’s holding you back
But it feels like it’s me, and it makes me sad

They say, you don’t think you’re good enough
But hey, I love you so
If you ever think that you’re not worth it,
I want you like never before!


How long do you want me to wait
I’ve spent so many nights just thinking of you
Cos I don’t know if this is true

How long until you tell it to me
‘til you’ve set in your heart
How long until you tell it to me,
that everything’s alright


But now you’re getting distant
You’re drifting away
I tried to hold on
But I don’t know what to say

You’re not answering my calls
Or replying my text
Help! I’m about to fall
My mind is in a mess

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