Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Heart Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a super cool manga-turned-anime that I follow religiously and I probably have watched 70% of its episodes multiple times. Some of its episodes can be super funny (especially their facial expressions but that's standard for all manga/anime), exciting fighting scenes or sometimes emotionally moving, especially at the end of some story arcs. Fairy tail touches on many deep themes like dealing with issues in the past, loyalty, choosing your destiny, family ties, frienship, comradship and love.

The Fairy Tail insignia, from Makarov's magic circle

These are some of my favourite characters:

Natsu Dragneel

The main guy in the manga/anime. He's a super awesome Fire Dragon Slayer who often proves himself at his max power in the most crucial times. He is fiercely loyal, fiercely protects his friends and is sometimes reckless but gets the job done at the end.

Lucy Heartfilia
One of the main girl characters - she is a Celestial Wizard who can summon uber cool spirits to fight, but she is different from others because she sees her Celestial Spirits as friends whom she fights alongside with.

Gray Fullbuster
Very cool Ice-Make wizard who can create all kinds of ice things from nothing. A bit like Iceman in X-men hmm, only that Gray uses magic whereas Iceman uses his mutated genes... Gray had a dark past and his issues were dealt with in the Galuna Island arc where he fights against Lyon Bastia who was the elder student. His powers are my favourite because they're just too cool.

Erza Scarlet
Finally, Erza is probably my favourite of all the characters because of her uber cool Requip magic and the deep issues that she deals with all the time because of her past. She is also called Titania Erza, the Fairy Queen, because she is the most powerful female wizard in the Fairy Tail guild. She is fiercely loyal to the guild. Her Requip magic allows her to change weapons and armour quickly to have different abilities. Super awesome!

Haven't I said enough? Check it out! There are currently (100+??) episodes. Ice-Make... Finish!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures above! look here for extension of my fav characters!

Middle Ear - Box

I created a box to learn the middle ear that looked something like this:

and it got so many likes on FB so I made a schematic so you can make your own middle ear box to learn off
I'm pretty sure it's accurate. somewhat accurate anyway. It's so you get a good idea of the middle ear. Cheers!