Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody! Happy new year! I wrote and recorded a song today, just for this season... Forgive the below-par guitar playing; I don't have my keyboard with me so I couldn't add any drum or synthesizer effects, just acoustic... Enjoy!!

Happy New Year by Samuel Kana Lis


I’m looking back, the year that’s gone by
The ups and the downs
The smiles and the frowns

I’m looking back at the life that flew by
All the friends that I’ve made
All the things that I’ve said

A year just passed
In the blink of an eye
Cos time passed so fast
But I swear I won’t cry

Happy New Year
This is the end of a story
A life to leave behind
Happy New Year
This is a new beginning
A life we cannot see
But we can sing

I’m looking forward to wait for a year
A year full of hope
A year full of purpose

I’ve made my resolutions I’ve laid out my plans
So I’m going to run
In the rain or the sun

The year will pass
In the blink of an eye
My memories will last
Yeah I know I will try

Happy New Year
This is the end of a journey
A life to leave behind
Happy New Year
This is a new beginning
A life we cannot see
But we can sing

How many days are there in a year
How many hours to sing
Not many seconds to waste
Cos every second will count
What will this year bring

But we can sing
Happy new year!

End of 2008 [Doulos]

I finally went to the Doulos ship today. Finally. After many days of procrastinating, I finally visited the world’s largest floating bookstore. Or something like that.

After a few minutes roaming around the bookstore and feeling like to faint because of lack of oxygen and too much heat, I was starting to get immensely bored - until an Austrian crew member invited my sister Esther and I to tour the ship. Yes! Air-conditioning! It was quite interesting to see the interior of the ship, but the most special part of the tour, I think, was that our tour guide, (I think her name was Bea or something like that) shared about how and why she joined the Doulos ship for 2 years. She had just finished high school and didn’t know what she wanted to do. When she heard about Doulos, she felt led to join, but she was scared and wanted to do other things. But after hearing a preacher talk about Moses and how he had said he was not good enough, our Austrian host felt convicted to join, so she did. And she enjoyed it immensely!

I wonder how it’s like to stay in a ship. For two years! So many people (350 altogether) of different countries all over the world speaking one language (English) and believing the same God! (They’re all Christians). Sadly the ship is going to be dismantled, stopped and summarily destroyed soon because it is too old. (Over 90 years old!! Only two years younger than the Titanic…) So there’s no option for me to join in any way any time soon. But I wonder, if I were to be called to join another ship with the same mission (to give knowledge, help and hope), would I survive it? It looks kind of difficult. Without family but surrounded by new friends; with Internet and laptops and all kinds of food and book and books and sea-sicknesses… Who knows?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Future Decided

I was lying in bed this morning and I suddenly remembered the song “My Future Decided” by Hillsongs United. The lyrics became so real to me! Even though I don’t know what lies ahead of me, what I do know is that my Father knows!


You hold the future in Your hands
You know my dreams and You have a plan
And as You light my way, I'll follow You

My eyes on all of the above
My soul secure in all You've done
My minds made up
And You are the only one for me

Jesus, Savior, in my life You are everything
My future decided, I will praise Your name
And I know that I am, I am Yours
Yeah, I know that that I am, I am Yours

You hold the earth in your command
You are the rock on which I stand
And as I live each day, I'll follow You

Unafraid, unashamed Lord we know who we are
(We are Your people and we won't be silent)
Unified hear us cry at the top of our lungs
(You our God and we will not be shaken)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Taggedy Tags

[Why do I feel like I've done a similar tag before a long time ago...? But anyway just to pass my time...]

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. Her name is Lilian Lee.
2. She is a girl. I think. I hope. This isn't Thailand, right? Yeah I think she's a she. I hope....
3. She is hardworking. I think.
4. She is a Christian.
5. She goes to EmBaCY.
6. [Now, before I continue, I must note that I will only speak of the positive. Of course, everyone has their bad points, right? I shan't be one to point them out.] She wears spectacles.
7. She has a brother.
8. She is my age.
9. She went to St. Theresa.
10. I know these sound pathetic, like what kind of friend am I??!! But I don't really know her loh, so... She is herself and no one else. No one can be like Lilian, I hope not. I meant that in the nicest possible way...

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. I am a boy. Wait, let me check. ... ... Yup, definitely a boy.
2. I am 17 this year.
3. I will be 18 in less than a month's time. *hint hint*
4. I just finished SPM!! Wheeeee...
5. I play the piano and guitar.
6. I am quiet most of the time. I mean, I'm not that much of a fan of talking, but sometimes it is nice to talk to people. But most of the time I just enjoy the company. Well that's how I think I am. My friends would know me better than I do myself!!
7. I dream of writing a novel. Or novels.
8. You do know that my name is Samuel, right? I also don't mind being called Kana. It's my Iban name after all. Speaking of Iban...
9. Did you know I am an Iban? I guess you would...
10. I am running out of ideas. XD

At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names:

1. Barack Obama
2. Ana Ivanovic [She is like the haaaawwwtest female tennis player!!]
3. Cicakman
4. Batman
5. Spiderman
6. Chickenman [Who wants to bet that some stoopid local production would decide to make a new superhero with feathers?]
7. I am getting bored... I doubt anyone wants to do the tag so if I say "whoever wants to do the tag", no one would do the tag. Why waste my breath?
8. Ultraman [Now that I watch it again at a friend's house, it all really looks so ultra-fake and ultra-lame...]
9. I want to watch Batman: The Dark Knight! Anyone got the DVD?
10. Ivanna Ting... XD XD XD

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Wise Advise

2008 is almost over. 2009 is coming. For me, it's a whole new journey, a whole new life ahead of me!! But enough said about me for this post. I want to give some sound and wise advise to any of YOU who have not finished SPM and still have to struggle through school. I am speaking especially to those of you who will be in Form 3, Form 4 or Form 5 next year (2009). Any of you who are facing major examinations next year, please take heed!

[Note: My own SPM results have not come out yet, but if I wait until then it would be too late to share my finite wisdom, so just let me tell you how I survived the grueling ordeal of Form 5!!]

There are many self-help books that teach you how to study in bookstores, but there was one that really helped me this year. I mean really as in REALLY helped me.

The book is called "Study Smarter, Not Harder" by Kevin Paul. Many thanks to my classmate, Tejhpal Singh, for bringing the book to school so that I spotted it. For some reason I doubt he actually read the book but that is besides the point. The book completely revolutionized the way I studied.

So, if you can, please do get your hands on a copy of this super-cool book. (Sorry to Kuching folks, I didn't bring mine with me...) You should spend a few days reading and making notes of the book sometime in January to prepare for the whole year. It is very detailed in explaining how to and why make notes, mnemonics, mind maps, manage your time and so on. There's even a section about music!

Believe me, you won't regret it!

The next thing you must definitely get is g'soft pens. I am totally a fan of g'soft pens, but only the blue one. I don't trust the other colours like blacks and red because they dry up fast, but blue is perfectly fine. I used to use the GS 5566 model which is slim, but recently I started using the fatter BP-GS-55 model which is kinder on my fingers. The only problem with the latter is that it has black markings on the side. Because I regularly bite my pen when I am thinking, after a few days the markings would disappear. I wonder where it went... [o.O] Nevertheless I only used the g'soft BP-GS-55 pen and nothing else throughout SPM, and it served me very well. [That would probably be due to the fact that I had no less than 10 of the same pens in my pencil case, and every single one was used in exam until none was left with more than half of the ink left...]

Another product you should consider is the stabilo point 88 coloured pens. These are important for making notes. Research shows that colour helps your memory! Most of my notes in Sejarah, Chemistry and Biology and splattered with all sorts of colours. So, get as many colours as possible!! I think it's better than other types because its colours are bright and the ink doesn't really soak into the paper which is good for writing on both sides of the paper. I didn't use highlighters much this year, but everyone have their own preferences and study methods, so choose accordingly and wisely!

[I was not paid to advertise the above products. This is just advise from me to you!!]

Having said that, have fun studying! I believe that studying should be fun. I personally enjoyed making notes in creative ways, but when it comes to the revising and actual memorizing, it is hard work. However I believe it will all be very worth it in the end. Good luck!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Oohh!! I love Christmas! It's a season of love and giving, and I looove giving! It is always a joy for me when I have reason to bust a hole in my pocket to give presents to my friends! [to Banting people: sorry cannot send through post lahh...]

Quote from Daniel:
[Pointing to a big plastic bag of goodies] "Is that the presents your are giving people? What is up with you..." [shakes head]

But of course, who doesn't love getting presents? Thanks everyone for your presents if you gave me any, and thanks for the presents you WILL be giving if you haven't... hehe! But I always believe it's better to give than to receive, right?

Some pics...

My sister and I were brought by her friend to St. Joseph to see their Christmas mass or whatever it was last night/this morning. It would have been very nice and beautiful, only that it was at MIDNIGHT, I was so freaking TIRED and HOT. Then it rained, but I was still hot, sweaty and almost asleep by the time it finished. Oh and the service almost literally bored me to death...

Whoo!! I wonder who this is... hehehe! My church, EBC, had our Christmas service at a reasonable hour in the morning at Crown Square. Our youth performed a song, "Sanctuary". It was horrendous, but it's the thought that counts, yes?

Ben, me and Jason. Poor guy on the left has to lose all his precious long hair because of NS... THANK GOD I didn't kena NS!! XD

Me, Darren (uninvited lar...) and Frederick

Awww so sweet right? Aiyoh, what am I saying... such a naughty boy I am!! Xo

Me with two hot girls: Priscilla and Ivy! Does anyone think the girl on the right (she's an air stewardess) looks like Anne Hathaway?

Why am I the one to become the baby for Christmas? Caleb Tan is this super-muscular guy who won't let me forget that very fact...

Of course, what's Christmas without my siblings?


Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve been addicted to many things before, most of which was harmless, I hope.

During my lower secondary years between Form 1 to Form 3, I was addicted to an online pet site called Neopets. I tell you, every day I came home from school I would turn on the computer, with dial-up connection, and play Neopets until my eyes stung and my mom came home from work. Every time I had nothing to do in school I would take out a paper and plan how I would organize my pets and how I would earn more NeoPoints. Every year would earn millions of NeoPoints, then I would quit and give everything away after the end-of-year youth camp, only to start again the next year, because I just couldn’t let go. But somewhere at the beginning of Form 4 I began to get bored, so I just let my multiple accounts die off. The end of Neopets for me. Come to think of it, it was a horrible waste of my time. The only things I learnt were a bit of money management skills, investments, patience while waiting for games to load (dial-up connection okay!) and the word “dessicate” which eventually came out in English for Science and Technology during SPM.

I was also addicted to Pokemon games at some time in my younger days. During primary school years I loved to play Pokemon Blue and Yellow. Then I would play Pokemon Gold in primary 6. Then I started Pokemon Crystal for a long time. Then Pokemon FireRed. Finally, Pokemon Sapphire last year. However, this was not as severe as Neopets, because I just played because I was constantly bored.

I was once addicted to writing. I don’t think I realized it at that time, but now that I think about it, between Form 1 and beginning of Form 5, I was addicted to writing in my diaries. (Yes, I keep diaries. Is there a problem?!!) I was always uncomfortable and restless as long as I haven’t wrote in my diary for that day. I would always “report” to my diary for daily events and happenings. But during Form 5, I got too busy to write, and blogging became the in-thing, so I only write in my diary for big occasions that I don’t want to forget later in life.

I’ve also been slightly addicted to sour plum flavoured ice cream in primary school. I also ate so much gummy bears and worms that I got so sick many years ago, but I still love gummy things anyway [*hint hint*]. I think I got slightly addicted to tennis last year because I was fidgeting all the time and thinking about playing or watching tennis. How about blogging? Am I getting too attached? I hope not.

But now everything seems a bore and a chore when I come to think of my new addiction. When you’re hungry, you don’t think about other things. What you run to defines you. I’m running to God. Now, I’m addicted to the presence of God.

My First Day Behind The Wheel


I want to drive some more!!!!!!!!

*jumps up and down in glee*

I just came back from my first driving lesson, and it was SOOOOOOOO fun!!! At about 4:30 pm I first had to listen to a long lecture from the instructor about following the rules and all, but after that I started driving to a large space to turn around and around in a figure of 8. Then it was off to the main road... it was so exhilirating!!

*Note I had never ever driven illegally before unlike some people...*

I overtook quite a number of slower cars, I went to gear 5 like so many times (my mom freaked out when she heard that), I turned gracefully at junctions... it was so so enjoyable!! Why didn't I start learning sooner??!! But I had a problem of changing to gear 3, because I kept accidentally going to 5 instead; I have to adjust myself to the gear positions I guess.

Meanwhile, the driving instructor, Mr. Chai, is supposedly "one of the best in Malaysia"; I have no reason to doubt it. I can't wait for the next lesson on Friday, and then to drive on my own!!! Yeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

*faints with a smile on my face*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The House Burnt Down

There was once a sailor called Jim. One day a freak storm wrecked his ship in middle of the sea and he was the sole survivor. He was washed unto an island with trees and animals but no other human. So he survived on his own with fruits and hunting animals, a bit like the story of Robinson Crusoe.

After about a year, he had made a nice wooden house on the island and decided to go fishing. But when he came home at night, he found his house was on fire!! He was so upset and went to the beach to sleep. In the morning, he saw a ship coming towards the island. He was so excited and forgot all about his house that burnt down. The captain of the ship rescued Jim and got him on his way home.

Jim asked the captain, "Why is it that you knew to come straight towards the island to save me?"

The captain replied, "Oh, easy! We saw your smoke signal!"

[End of story]

It's all about your attitude!! I heard this story during camp from Pastor David Kuek. Life has twists and turns but God uses it all for His plans and purposes!! Be thankful!

D' Encounter 08

Hello, I just came back yesterday from d' Encounter 08 camp (17 – 20 December) at Santubong Resort. I hereby declare with all my heart and soul that I don't regret missing the No Limits camp at Banting, because the EmBaCY [Emmanuel Baptist Youth] camp was so awesome and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

This camp is very different from other camps. It's not just about fun and games, although I'm sure we had enough of it. It's much more than making new friends although I had my fair share. It was more than good food though the food we got was superb! It was quite a bit more than just learning more about The Word of God but meeting The God of The Word!

It had been so long, too long, that I really poured my heart out to God. The tangible presence of God was amazing. I felt so free, like the extra baggage and stress of the whole year lifted off my shoulders. During the third morning, I prayed for people for the first time, together with the other leaders in the youth!! Words were like coming out of my mouth from nowhere, it was amazing! Then came the third night where the fire of God just fell mightily. All music just had to stop.

I feel that this camp is different for me than for the younger kids who were experiencing God in a new way, because I am at this point in life where I have to make a decision. I just finished SPM, obviously, so I do not know where I’ll go or what I’ll do with my life. During the third night, Pastor Daniel Chua from Singapore preached about Elisha giving everything up and following Elijah. I decided that yes, I will give everything to God. Besides I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, so why not give to God because only He knows my future and He has a perfect plan and call upon my life, so is there any better thing to do than to let Him guide me and lead me through? But there is a demand, a price to pay – what was once common becomes sacred. I am willing.

Pastor Daniel Chua from Cornerstone is such a lively and exuberant pastor! He reminded me a bit of Ryner without the pimples. He looks so young I might have thought he was younger than I if he didn’t tell us he was 32 years old and have 3 children with another one more on the way. But the way he preached was so enjoyable, so interactive that the excitement is contagious! Everything he said seemed to hit me in a new way.

One super cool thing was that my cousin Kiun Teck (we call him Xiao Jing) joined the camp too! He had lots of fun, made friends and saw for himself what God was like! After the camp he told his mother he wanted to be a Christian! That is amazing. Praise the Lord!! But I have to continue to pray for him and his family because his father is very much against Xiao Jing being a Christian.

I also made many new friends and got to know some others better, like Benjamin Chia and Darren Wong (who was my roommate together with my cousin and Nick Ho). I had fun organizing the games together with several others, and watching the campers make a fool of themselves! Although it was raining most of the time, it didn’t dampen our spirits! (pun not intended) I feel it was a sign of God’s rain pouring upon us! It was also great serving as a pianist, especially because there was Mark Song who is improving so much! I have marked Mark (again, no pun intended) as my successor!

Of course no camp is without new knowledge and understanding. I have learnt a lot of things throughout the camp especially about the things of God. Some of important things I must remember is:

- Your focus determines your reality. How you feel is not determined by your circumstances but by your focus.

-You are either a complainer or a worshiper. Some people complain and find the worst in the best of situations; some people are grateful and find the best in the worst of situations!

- We ALL have a personal call and purpose, whether in ministry or in the marketplace. When you have a vision and purpose, life takes on a different meaning.

- To be called has its demands. What was once common is now sacred. To be called by God is dangerous. What was once a broad way is now a narrow way.

- Matthew 6:33 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

- The touch of God demands total surrender.

- Whether you run after God or earthly things, you still get earthly things! Because delight in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart!

- The Christian faith is not difficult. But we must be reduced to one thing: to love God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your might!!

19th December 08 – I crossed the line of no return. I killed the oxen – things in my life that can hold me back. I am running after God with all my life. Even things like writing and music – I give it all up to serve the One who made me, loved me and gave His life for me!!

Here are some pictures from the camp. I was rather lazy to take pictures, so here goes...

During one of the games, "Murderer" at Santubong.

My sister, Hosanna, in the middle, enthusiastically leading her group

Benjamin Chia, as "Chef Wan"!

Priscilla Tan, as "Mrs. X", my wife in the game... (I was Dr. X the evil scientist! Muahahaha...)

Jason Tan, as "Jesse McTan"...

My roommates!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nick Vujicic

Wow. Today I, my family, and probably half or more of Kuching went to hear a man by the name of Nicholas James Vujicic speak of his testimony and experiences in life. But what's so special about him? Besides the odd last name and handsome face, why the throng of crowds pushing their way into the ACS building??

I tell you what, he has no arms and no legs. He has only a toe or two (or so he called, his "chicken drumstick") that seems to have developed exceptional speed and agility. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

But wait, he's not just some freak show that people came to see just for curiosity. He's also a super amazing motivational speaker who travels accross the world to speak not just in Christian evangelical meetings like today's but also in the business and corporate world.

Even after years of hearing the amazing message of God's love, plan and salvation I still am mesmerized by Nick Vujicic and what he declared. He was also really, really funny. He made jokes and seemed to be poking fun about his own disability, and told stories of how he pulled pranks on people. But it really was all about how amazing God is in each and every life. Nick found his miracle not in healing of his body but his heart - and he became a miracle to people around him and beyond. Are we any different? We're all imperfect, sinners so unworthy, yet God decided to love us, save us, bring us into His amazing family. I can't imagine a life without it.

Nick was also encouraging young people not to give up, because God really has a plan for your life. He was on the verge of committing suicide at some point of his teenage life, but he found hope! Life without hope is not worth living. He realized that there was a purpose to his circumstance - cos there is one thing greater than going to heaven, and that's bringing someone with you!!

God bless!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving Law

Somehow the lack of wireless internet in my house makes good news seem so dull.

I passed my driving law test yesterday!! I got 48 out of 50. I was so worried that I would fail, but in the end it was quite simple, more or less all the questions were from the 500-question book. Anyway, I'm this close to touching the steering wheel! This Saturday I will be doing the bengkel thing, then after that I will get my L license, then after that I will start learning the real thing, then after that... Oohh I can't wait!!

Meanwhile, yesterday my friend from Banting, Matthew Lee and his family flew to Kuching for a one-week holiday. So my family will be bringing them around in our big but warm green van that can fit as much as 12 people in one sitting, like how some of the EmBaCY folks found out on Sunday. But the kids are bored - no Astro, no wireless Internet. Nothing but fruit trees and insects to keep us company. *sob*

Monday, December 08, 2008


I watched Bolt yesterday with 10 people from EmBaCY. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it's been so darned long I haven't seen a movie since Mamma Mia!

*spoiler alert*

I thought the beginning was weird until it was found that the beginning was not the beginning at all and the beginning was just beginning when the beginning ended.

I have no idea what I'm saying.

Anyway, my favourite character was Mittens. Street-smart and cunning, yet she valued Bolt's friendship and knew how to twist things around. The hamster was annoying. Bolt the dog was cute but seemed really dumb and retarded. There were not a real antagonist, which is weird.

Not really a must-watch from me. But cute...

Sunday, December 07, 2008


[I only managed to find Internet after 4 days in Kuching…]

Just when I thought study was all over for me, suddenly I have to start turning on my brain again – this time what I have to learn will actually be marginally important for the rest of my life!!

Yesterday I began my quest for a little bit more convenience, mobility and independence by registering for a 5-hour long lecture on driving and safety and traffic laws. Then we were given a book to memorize for the law test. I thought I would let my tired brain hibernate for a few months, but study will never end to haunt me…

Anyhow I can’t wait to start driving. I have never tried driving illegally because my parents would pulverize me if I ever did. So, I’m not sure if it would be difficult or I would be quick to learn how to coordinate my limbs. What if I kena accident? In the lecture yesterday we watched videos of accidents everywhere and anywhere. It seems like any small mistake or wrong turn or lack of concentration for a few seconds may cost you your life.

Do I really want to drive that much? Of course.

By the way I love Kuching!! I didn’t realize actually how much I missed it. It feels quaint, a far cry from the busy-ness of KL. Banting may be small but it is teeming with lorries and big buses, which makes it quite noisy and dusty. Kuching is also so much cleaner.

But besides that, there’s just something about Kuching that I feel right to call my home. Although right now I don’t have some conveniences like wireless internet, Astro or my comfy comforter, but this is my home. I spent about 8 years of my life in Kuching, from 8 years old until 16 years old, which is when life really begins for any kid. This was where I really grew up, made true friendships, had my first crushes and made my first and biggest blunders. This was where I found my identity in myself as well as in my Friend and Father.

[Note note note this was typed on Sunday but only Monday boleh post... *sob*]

Monday, December 01, 2008

Fishing Trip

Yesterday, the folks of GFS Banting went for a fishing trip at a lake at Banting Baru. I went with my parents and a Kuching friend, Gary Buja, who is studying at Mara College Banting. I was actually intending to just go around taking pictures and not fishing, but I was helping my dad hold a fishing rod while he reloaded my mom's bait, but suddenly the float pulled in, and then I was holding up my first catch, and so I was hooked! Pun not intended.

It was my first time fishing for many, many years. I think the last time I went fishing was in Form 1 or 2 in my kampung, but since then the river was drained away so cannot fish already. I really had fun yesterday, although at the end of the day my feet were so incredibly painful after standing around for so long waiting for the little fishies to bite. I managed to pull in 10 fishies including one pretty big fish that was announced as the biggest fish. My whole family got a total for 35 fish, which won us a first-place hamper!! The Long family got second with 20 fish, and third was the Siva family with 16.

Unfortunately, but fortunately for the fishies, we threw all the fish back into the water, because we very kesian the fish. Hopefully they will survive and the hook marks in their faces will be healed.


The weather and scenery was beautiful. No rain, not too sunny - perfect!

Daniel and Rayhel Choon

Rev Victor and Uncle Sundaram

Pushing the hook into the worm's interstitial organs...

My dad chose a nice shady spot for us to fish

One of the first unlucky fish to get hooked

One of my first catches

My mom's a fisherwoman!

Mr. Gary Buja

Matthew Lee fishing and looking emo...
I think this picture is nice, you think?

Nathanael Long was using just a string and a hook!
No rod, no bait... still boleh catch you know! Not bad, not bad...

Long family fish

Lis family fish

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the biggest fish,
caught by none other than yours truly!

The winning family...

Second place goes to the Long family!
But not after a bit of protest from Mrs. Long... haha!