Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love In The Sea

This is a light song about love; lyrics written by Leti Joy and her friends. Music written, played and sung by yours truly. [I changed some of the lyrics from the original poem by the aforementioned girls]


Verse 1:
Can I find a fish of my delight?
In the dark blue sea far from sight
For I seek the one that I choose
Then tomorrow I will not lose

Verse 2:
The eight tentacles leave a broken heart
As each comes by but tear you apart
The clownfish gives you a stomachache
Laugh and laugh till you’re out of breath

Chorus 1:
But still and still
They’re all such a bother
They’re all so much better
But still and still
Off I go to another sea
To find another one for me

Verse 3:
A fighting fish gives only bruises
A jelly fish sting ain’t a bed of roses
But the dolphin that you see
I daresay it’s everything that you need

I’ll dive deeper into the ocean
Feeling the waves and the cool sensation
I’ll hear the deep blue melody
And finally find my love in the sea
I’ll dive deeper into the ocean
Feeling the waves and the swirling motion
I’ll hear the deep blue melody
And finally find my love in the sea

Chorus 2:
But still and still
They’re all such a bother
They’re all so much better
But still and still
It’s all too much water
I’ll just find another
But still and still
Off I go to another sea to find a better one
But still and still
Off I go to another sea
But still and still
Off I go to another sea
To find a better one for me

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wheels Of Life

Four Liquid Stages Of Life

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Singing Away Your Trouble

I got this from the Reader's Digest (December 2008 edition). Did you know that singing in a group improves your mood and quality of life? Singing releases oxytocin, a hormone that indicates and sense of bonding and security. Oxytocin is also released during... other activities.

So... join a choir! It will do you a lot of good. No wonder I always feel such orgasmic joy when I sing in my ex-school's choir. Or maybe it's just that the Batu Lintang choir was (and I daresay, is still) so fantastic and harmonious...!!

Or maybe not. It's the oxytocin.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you. Then your own comment below.
Tag 5 people.

1.Your name?
a) There is only one. And his last name is Jackson.
b) A guy who is really sweet and amazing.
[Not kidding you]

2. Age?
a) The age where an American can: ....
[stuff we don't want to do...]
b) Eighteen, as in the number 18. Before 19, after 17.

3. One of your friends?
a) A small, messed up school, where people [censored] each other on the bus with pencils and cell phones. They put the phones on vibrate, and then call them.
b) [censored], but not necessarily an [censored] one. Willy is short for Wilson, and is more commonly used.

4. Favourite colour?
a) The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
b) The feeling when u wake up at 7 in the morning and remembering it's a monday.
[Not anymore - no school!!]

5. Birthplace?
Sri Aman
Sri Aman isn't defined yet.
[honestly, I wasn't expecting a definition for this one]

6.Month of your birthday
a) Everyone's favorite month!! Playing in the snow, snuggling by the fire,and having (an) excuse for your [censored] looking so small.
b) National Hangover Month. Because of the recent holidays and massive partying the general population spends the month hungover.

7. Last person you talked to?
a) Calm, peaceful, relaxed
b) A fantasy land ruled by His Majesty Diamond Evening Jewel. It is a beautiful land with forests and Tatiana the fairy queen.
[she's a friend from Banting coming to study in Swinburne]

8. One of your nicknames?
a) The Japanese Writing system. Composed of katakana (rigid, used for foriegn words), Hiragana (wavy, the basic pronounciation set), Kanji (chinese characters) and Romanji (english letters).
b) Estonian Word for Chicken
[Ooooohh!! I am chicken!!]

Tag five people:
1. Barbie [I just watched Fairytopia! Don't ask]
2. Elina
3. Bibbles
4. Azura
5. Hue
[The above names are characters from said movie. Don't ask]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cangkuk Manis

What is our local cangkuk manis called in English? Does it grow in any place other than Malaysia? Do the ang-mohs even know that this local vegetable exists?

Let me try to guess why. Did you know that our cangkuk manis or directly translated as "sweet hook", or known as Shu Chai (樹菜) in Mandarin or mani chai or whatever else you call it, contains arsenic, a type of poison normally found in insecticides? It is known as the King of Poisons and the Poison of Kings.

Don't believe me? I don't believe it either, but I heard it from a reliable source from which a lot of what I know about my health and spiritual life comes from. Yet I can't find anything on Google, most probably because it is such an obscure vegetable.

Anyway, I don't think it's too dangerous to eat once in a while, but my reliable source, who happens to be Uncle Mervyn for those who know him, suggests you eat it at most once a week. Who knows, it might be true!

Hmmm maybe I'll do some research on that next time. Xo

Friday, February 13, 2009

Planetshakers @ Kuching

Planetshakers came to Kuching tonight! The original Melbourne band! Actually, I only recognized Henry Seeley, the rest were maybe not original? But Henry Seeley is good enough for me!

The music was super-loud, which suits me just fine. Sound quality not top of the cream but there were extra speakers everywhere which makes everything so bassy that my whole body vibrates with the bass. The place was not so packed unlike the last time I went (I couldn't even sit during the preaching!) but it was quite full. My only complaint is that my voice just decided to desert me even before the band came out! By "voice", I mean my normal cheering voice. It was like my falsetto range was cut to the top and bottom notes. So if I tried to cheer it either sounded like a shrill squeak or a boo. So I just went with shouting normally. *sigh* Anyway, as Planetshakers songs go, most notes were too high so I was screaming most of the time. Consequence: I have no voice now.

Unfortunately, no pictures from me, because I was too lazy to bring my camera. From past experiences, it would be so inconvenient to bring even a bottle (as Ryner Lai always does) so a valuable item would make for less fun and more worry. So there. I bought the Beautiful Saviour CD which was autographed by the whole band! Awesome yeah?


I have recently watched two beautiful movies: WALL-E and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

WALL-E was thoughtful and futuristic. The way WALL-E (the robot) moved, squeaked and showed its thought and feelings were so cute and charming! It was kind of scary to see how the movie pictured the future earth that is so polluted until it is uninhabitable and cannot sustain life. Humans went to live on some giant spaceship and got so fat after hundreds of years of convenience with robots, until they almost cannot walk on their own... I know some people thought it was boring, but I liked it!

Ahh, the long-awaited movie that took so amazingly long to come to Kuching cinemas! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did not disappoint me, no no no! Although I missed the first ten minutes or so of the lengthy movie because of transportation along with friends Bernard and Ryner, the story was so beautiful! Of course, some things didn't really make sense, like [spoiler alert!] how actually the guy grows up in height and size but then grows younger elsewhere... my friend hypothesized that maybe if you survived that long your body goes through some kind of negative growth? In estimation he grew until 85 years old, so maybe not. Hmmph. I also wondered why, why, just WHY DID HE LEAVE HER... [oops] But anyway Brad Pitt's acting was awesome, the adopted mother's acting was awesome, I didn't like Cate Blanchett [I have never liked her since watching Babel because she looks annoying in pain but oh well], and super cool visual effects. I mean, with so many Oscar nominations, you wouldn't expect anything less than awesome, right?

Must watch! I'm so glad I have no school these few months... Heheee!! XD

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did You Know?

1. Mosquitoes are attracted by body heat, body odor, skin cream, perfumes, carbon dioxide, chemicals in your breath and on your skin, visual cues such as color, size and contrast, movement, water vapour, lactic acid, sebum and sweat. That means you will more likely get bitten if you've just exercised, ate vegetables, and have blood running in your veins.

2. Soya bean milk causes infertility? What? It reduces sperm count in men. Nooooo I like soya bean milk... *sob* But the effect is reversible. As long as you don't drink soya bean some time before err... reproducing, there shouldn't be any problem. Not a viable method of contraception though.

Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Hot Down Under

It's hot and smoking in Victoria, Australia. What with all the heat waves, global warming, greenhouse effect and all that man-made pollution creating turmoil and death in the beautiful continent of Australia. [Read newspaper lahh!!]

Yet here we are in Kuching complaining about the incessant rain. Actually it has largely stopped raining so much here, but when I read about the gigantic bush fires in Australia that has killed 100 over people in what was Australia's deadliest wildfire, I began to wonder why I ever complained that it rained a little too much and flooded some areas in Kuching but yet I am still safe and not cooked in flames.

Maybe the Australians sang too much of Hillsongs' "Fire Fall Down". Xo

Bottom line(s): be grateful wherever you are. Also, reduce pollution and green-house gases and whatnots. I'm sure it will do a whole lot of good.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Passed Driving Test!!!

The title says it all... But it was quite a traumatic experience, though. First of all was the wait - I went to the Bintawa driving institute at about 9.30 a.m. with my jeans slightly damp because of the incessant rain. After doing the hill and all that I still had to wait until around 2.30 p.m. then only I can start the road test.

The road test started quite smoothly for me; I got route A which was a blessing, then I drove all the way to the point where I had to U-turn. At this stage I almost turned at the wrong place instead of after the traffic light. That was when I started to get nervous. The traffic light turned yellow in front of my eyes, so I had to stop. The examiner was scolding me for almost turning the wrong place and for stopping so suddenly. Hello, sorry but the light just turned red.

Then the light turned green and MY ENGINE DIED. *expletive* But I didn't panic, I just started the engine and went on my way. The driver scolded me again for driving so fast. *expletive* Then as I was nearing the institute already, there was a straight road on which I was driving on gear 3, but quite fast. The examiner scolded me again for not changing to gear 4. *expletive* it was nearing a turning bah...

Then at the end when I was coming out of a mini-roundabout and stopping at the Berhenti sign, MY ENGINE DIED AGAIN. *expletives* Before I got out, the examiner scolded me some more, said that I would have had accidents so many times, but congratulated me.

But wait, the story's not over. I went into the office to hand in the report, then my instructor asked for my I.C. and a picture. This is when I suddenly remembered... *expletives* I left my I.C. and L license in the examiner's car!!! I rushed out of the office to find that the car had gone with another examinee. *expletives expletives* So, I was so vexed already, having to wait for the car to come back. After about half-an-hour or so it seemed, the car finally returned. The examiner scolded me once more. I got back my I.C. and license, thanked the examiner, and all was well.

What a nerve-wrecking experience it was. But the bottom line is: I passed my driving test! Hallelujah! I can drive liaooooo!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Australian Open 2009

The people I wanted to win this year's Australian Open:

1. Serena Williams [Women's Singles] - Won
2. Serena and Venus Williams [Women's Doubles] - Won
3. Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi [Mixed Doubles] - Won
4. Bob and Mike Bryan [Men's Doubles] - Won

[Congratulations! I knew you could do it!]

5. Roger Federer [Men's Singles] - Lost

Roger Federer has lost to Rafael Nadal again. On the hardcourt of the Australian Open. Even as the last ball was struck and Nadal fell to the ground in celebration, my heart went out to Federer. His head was down throughout the match, his shots and serves didn't have consistency; Nadal was just too strong. When Federer went up the podium to speak, my heart broke as did his. He was crying!! Federer looks to be a broken man, a glory that is fading away.

But I still love Roger Federer and I will be his loyal fan until he retires from the sport. I hope he wins Wimbledon and US Open again this year. Keep your head up, Roger.