Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Limits

The theme for the GFS Boot camp is "No Limits". Sadly, I cannot go as I will be in Kuching. I know, it's going to be awesome and everything but I must go back to Kuching...

Anyway, the GFS people commissioned me to write their theme song. I wrote it during EST paper 2 [hehehe], I recorded it last night and tonight on the keyboard, but I don't really like the results. The drum beats are totally out, my voice is so strained and piercing that I felt sick listening to it again. I don't know why I put the key so damn high. But just for the sake of teaching them, I had to record, upload, and here it it...

Beware your ears. I repeat, this song is atrociously sung... As always, the music is scratchy and buzzing because no high quality equipment laaahhh...

Verse 1
God You are the creator of my world
God You made each and every one of us
God You sent Your Son because You loved the world
So we are free all because of Jesus

Pre Chorus:
And I will go tell the world
Of what You’ve done for me
I will sing shout aloud
Of how You set me free

Cos God Your love has no, no limits
God Your grace has no, no limits
God Your power has no, no limits
In Jesus there is no, no limits

Verse 2
Lord I want to give my all to You
Cos You saved me now my life is Yours
God I’ll go and speak to the nations
God I pray save my generation

I will run
With no, no limits
I will sing
With no, no limits
I will shout
With no, no limits
In Jesus there is no, no limits

Bridge 2:
No limits, no, no limits
No limits, no, no limits
No limits, no, no limits
In Jesus there is no, no limits


Once upon a time there was a man by the name of Encik J who gave a brief talk about Kadet Pertahanan Awam Malaysia. Among the nonsense information he said was,

"Harga beras sudah naik, puncanya? Banjir rosakkan padi lah, kerana alam sekitar sudah siao..."

If somewhere you see an accident, and let's just say you find the little light in your heart to help the victim, what do you do?
First of all, don't move the victim, or else you might "finish God's job" [said Lik Pin], because of the blood and bones and sticks and stones and whatnots.

Also, white people are evil, according to Encik J, although they are a lot cleaner than us, a whole lot more civilized than us, more well-mannered than us, but deep down they are E.V.I.L.

Did you know it takes only 3 minutes to burn down a school? What can you do? Jump from the top?

"Ramai orang akan panik, dan menyebabkan traffic jam. Bagaimana escape dalam kurang satu minit?"

Note, he never went on to explain how exactly we should escape.

"Jika kawan anda terkena electric shock, apa yang akan kamu buat?" The question was directed towards Lik Pin.

Lik Pin's reply: "Guna plastic chair lah."

"Guna plastic chair untuk hentam dia? Matilah dia..." I think it was supposed to be a joke, but no one laughed. Too morbid.

Lastly, he went on a roll by describing the dangers of every place and thing you go and do. The home is dangerous, especially terrace houses because of fire, flood, gas explosions, electrical short circuits, and whatnots. Don't stay in the house. Cars are dangerous, too. Possibilities of gas leakage, fires, accidents, whatnots. Buses are all the more dangerous, what with overloading and accidents and all that. Planes and trains are dangerous. The school is dangerous.

My conclusion: You know what? Why not be PARANOID and become a MONK and stay in the mountains dammit!!

[I remember all these because I was busy taking notes during the sermon talk.]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Happy Happy SPM

*cheers fading into the background*


Yeah, my last paper of English for Science and Technology has finished, which officially ends my five-year long stint as a secondary school student. Hallelujah, I made it through alive! But not without being crazy enough to write a crazy song about my insufferable sufferings as a Form 5 student...

I feel quite strange. This is probably because I just came home at 6.30 pm after sending my auntie to airport and being too tired to go for a barbecue at my friend's house where my friends from school will be partying away about now, and I will probably never be forgiven for this unforgivable sin. *sigh* But I am very tired, and I do feel odd, because I am now out of school.

[Yes, I did eventually decide that I wanted to go but I was just immensely tired ok?]

[Was it an overkill to write 5 pages in my EST essay? My dad was alarmed when I told him I had so much to write about nutrients, I even had to ask for extra paper. There is something called "overdoing it", right? Even in the essay I wrote about eating that "moderation is key", yet I have dug my own grave by injecting too much Biology information...]

This is an end to a phase but the beginning of another. It is a very new phase for me - new challenges, new ways of doing things, new friends and new places. I will soon be able to drive (gah I can't wait!!!), and won't be limited by the fact that I have to go to school. I think I can do so much more for myself and for God this way. I have many things planned to do during my three-month holiday before SPM results come out. I may even be busier than I was before SPM!!

But I must say, it all was a torturous ordeal. But I survived.

Beyond SPM results, I have no idea what I want to do. Medicine or Actuarial Science or English or... Sometimes I cannot sleep at night just thinking about my future. But you know what, I know God has a perfect plan for my life.

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

Anyway, among the things I intend to do is to write and record new songs, write a novel, learn to drive (yeaaahh!!), play more tennis and badminton, and possibly learn to play drums. On top of my list will be to redesign this blog and add more content. XD I was also commissioned to write the theme song for the upcoming GFS boot camp, which I cannot attend. *sigh*

Before I forget, I want to thank no one else but God because I did not get sick at all throughout the whole exam. Even though I am supposedly perpetually sick, I did not even sneeze once in the exam hall! That in itself is a miracle. Amen!

[My dad complained that I didn't acknowledge them, so I hereby thank them for their continuous support and pressure on me to keep studying... hehe]

There was also this strange orange-white cat that kept walking into the hall. Even when chased out by invigilators, it still kept coming in. I found out that it was actually the school's resident stray cat, meaning that it has no owner but makes itself comfortable in the school.

In a week's time, I'll be flying back to Kuching. I can't wait. I miss all the Kuching people. But I will miss my many Banting friends too. I won't be seeing them anymore, huh? Besides the occasional movie at Bukit Tinggi or McDonald's eat-out... *sigh* I'm torn between two worlds.


Again I stress, I feel weird. I feel... SPM-less. After so long being stuck in this pivotal and endless world of study-eat-sleep-study-eat-sleep, I find myself as free as a bird. But I'll have fun. I think.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hand Art

I stumbled across these amazing body artists by names of Guido Daniele and Mario Mariotti. When I saw the art they made, my mouth seriously hung open. They painted a hand or several hands in different positions to create amazing masterpieces of all kinds of things, especially animals.
Take a look at these! Some of them are painted as campaigns for wildlife, some for a phone company, but I'm sure they just had too much time on their hands! [pun not intended]

by Guido Daniele

by Mario Mariotti

Sometimes you have to look at one picture for a while to see what it is. Some are seriously jaw-droppingly lifelike. Some are unbelievably creative.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magic Pen

This looks like any other pen, doesn't it? Produced by Oxford Fajar, nice thick blue ink and just a tad heavyweight. But do not be fooled. This is a very cool gadget, not unlike one from James Bond.

Ohmygod it opens! It's not just a normal pen after all... What is it? What is it? Oohh, I can't stand the suspense.

Oh my oh my it's a cheating pen!! Oh dear how did it get into my hands. I don't think it's in production for marketing though, my dad got it in some teaching course. Heh heh.

I dared not bring it to school, though, because it is highly suspicious... I'm such a good boy that I wouldn't cheat, eh? Besides, it would have been quite useless as most of the formulas are given in front of the Add Maths paper ayway. In addition, both Maths and Add Maths have been kind to me for SPM, I should not worry too much.

Good luck for Chemistry, Bio and Physics!

[In case you didn't notice, the background is my Sejarah notes and tips, heheh, just to remind me of the pain and suffering I went through for Sejarah...]