Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Law of The Exams

"The Law of The Exams" from the book "The Twisted Stethoscope" by Jason Leong.

1. Study your arse off
2. Sleep 2 hours a day
3. Abandon all social life
4. Your books are extensions of your eyeballs...

[but of course we know all that and try in vain to achieve it, but here's something that the unobservant non-kiasu student may not know...]

5. Never admit you are studying hard or that you are even studying
6. Always ascertain the progress of fellow exam sitters
7. Do not give your own progress away
8. Only offer help to weaker students
9. Possess an aura of pathetic incompetency, i.e. "Aiyoh, die-lah, die-lah!"
10. After exam, never verbalise that you think you will score well, always say you are going to fail...

Although I don't really believe in the theory, but it really emphasizes the kiasu-ness of Malaysian students. The book "The Twisted Stethoscope" is really, really funny - I couldn't stop laughing all throughout the book. It also touched a lot of deep nerves in me being a student sitting for exams, especially the mentality of our parents, society and friends. Amazing book, must must must must read!! Especially if you are planning to go overseas to study, especially if you are planning to do medicine... X0

[I'm not sure if this infringes any laws of copyright or whatever, please tell me if it does and I'll take it down straight away...]


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Doria Abdullah said...

Hey, been here through Youthsays. Yup, remember the old times haha. Chill man, you'll get through it. Soon.

Samuel Kana Lis said...

it'll pass really fast and soon i'll be going "that sounds so familiar!" too... X0

Jason Leong said...

Dear Samuel,

Many thanks for your support in both my book and my blog. U have scanned through my entire blog?

Any constructive criticism for the book?

Good luck for your exams!!

Keep in touch!

-jason leong, author of The Twisted Stethoscope