Friday, November 21, 2008

Hand Art

I stumbled across these amazing body artists by names of Guido Daniele and Mario Mariotti. When I saw the art they made, my mouth seriously hung open. They painted a hand or several hands in different positions to create amazing masterpieces of all kinds of things, especially animals.
Take a look at these! Some of them are painted as campaigns for wildlife, some for a phone company, but I'm sure they just had too much time on their hands! [pun not intended]

by Guido Daniele

by Mario Mariotti

Sometimes you have to look at one picture for a while to see what it is. Some are seriously jaw-droppingly lifelike. Some are unbelievably creative.


usws said...

I wish i had that much time or paint on my hands.

she3p said...

WOW!!!! WHere did u find this??

Samuel K Lis said...

all over the net, lol! But imagine how hard it was to wash off the paint, haha.. can get skin cancer wor