Sunday, September 07, 2008

My SPM Blues

I wrote, sang, played on keyboard and recorded this song of SPM in a few hours because it was exactly how I felt and I couldn't stand it... here goes
[sorry but it's not the best quality. very fuzzy sound]


Our country’s biggest thing is SPM
Many people thinking it’s a stupid exam
But what we’re gotta do is to cram cram cram
Last minute or not it’s a sickening scam

No time to be playing or singing this song
Cos if you’re doing it it’s so damn wrong
The time to be studying is so damn long
No time to be jamming which is where we belong

No one cares
If you faint or cry or die in pain
And (but) they say
If you don’t do well you’ll die of shame
Do they know
How we feel inside the stress of
Can we go
To some other place where there’s no SPM

Whether you love it or you hate it you’ve got to take the thing
Everyone’s pushing you to win win win
You can’t look at books cos that’s called cheating
And the man with most A1’s is called the king

So it’s called success if you get the pretty A’s
How about love and friends do they have no place?
After secondary school we’re gonna go our separate ways
Can’t we spend more time together maybe just a few days?

Ministry of Education
Why put us through all this pain
This overload of information
At the end what do we gain?

by Samuel Kana Lis 2008


Evelyn said...

the song damn nice

Samuel Kana Lis said...

thank you thank you
nice enough to go secular? hmm who knows got some mega producer come and listen, then sign contract with me...muahaha must help me to tell ppl oh!! thanks!

Esther said...

i love your song samuel. so funny i couldnt stop laughing. am so proud of u. don't forget to study u always

Esther said...

how did u coordinate the guitars n keyboard?? n who did the backup singing???

Samuel Kana Lis said...

hi esther!!
i heard u asked mama abotu it.
i recorded each sound alone, and then mixed together using Adobe Audition. I sang and recorded multiple times to get the backup sounds!! hehe, all alone one...

joshuatly said...

can you give me a link to your song? or where can i download it... i want to put it on my blog(s) too.
yeah! free publicity to your blog!
Do contact me @
i like it so much!

Nisyz said...

LOL nice song.
you're talented, and smart too.
i envy you dudee

Samuel Kana Lis said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! i am so speechless right now...

stressfulgirl said...

hey man.nice creative.^^.but is that any full version for this song? the song is not completely sang.
haha.thx for the it^^

sharonz said...

Yo Man....
Hey I'm Tenes here.
I understand your "pain" on SPM.went through it once. so the best thing i can do is to keep you in my prayer, (i'm christian)
and read the gospel of
Mark 11:24,25. I'm Doing My STPM this year. really pray that everything will come to a good end.
Take care Yo!!!

simon said...

last year i took SPM and i understand the 'the overload of information' part.
damn, i love your lyrics!

Samuel Kana Lis said...

lol, thanks.
the song's as full as it gets, stressfulgirl. maybe not downlaoded properly?

Sophos said...

Addicted to it.. Nice lyrics and music. Often come here to listen.. hehe..

Im wondering if ur kind enough to allow us to download it? like it too much.. Hehe.. Thanks.

Fiona said...

Hey, I'm a blogger from Selangor, and came across your blog. I love the song! you really have talent to write a song about Seksaan Pembawa Maut (SPM!) DO you write songs to distress? haha... good luck in SPM! I'm taking it too..

Pink Pig said...

nice song..
1st time i listen to tis song..
but also very funny..
can u me??
can i upload to friendster??
if u got frienster pls add me there by using just now that email..

Samuel Kana Lis said...

lol, Seksaan Pembawa Maut! lol
sorry but i don't feel right spreading the song around. i wasn't expecting all this traffic, lol! all thanks to joshuatly, i have so many visitors.. lol, must be careful what i write here liao

Juena Sibarani said...

Hi there. I wish to listen to your song but its seems like its not playin at all. Can i have a copy pls?

Cruzito said...

yah me too
i wish to listen to it,
but it jez doesnt play
i wanna hear it, badly !
pretyyy plzz :)

darkdizzy said...

Not bad ar, very cool

adibah said...

its really cool.. my frenz n i heard the song in the school library n we cant help but laugh... luvs the lyrics very much.. wish u well in ur spm later on... im takin it 2.. hehe... peace ;D

SPMCandidate#7 said...

haha! That is one of the best thing i've heard in months =) All the best in your exams =)

kwanqiao said...

i am from selangor...
nice song n meaningful too ..
can u send the song to me ??

-JoE.CoM- said...

Wow ...
you are really good ...
can consider to join Malaysia Idol.
I will surely vote for you ..
hahax .. !!

Keep up the good work !!


[FeiZaiLonely]~Shen said...

send me song pls i cant hear any

Cream said...

Nice Song....
Next time see u make STPM song..

capek said...

can i download this song?

Rene said...

Nice song.
I feel the same as im taking SPM this year -.-
Anyways, just drop by to wish you, GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST to you & others SPMERS! =)

Anonymous said...

eh y i cant listen it here?

Samuel Kana Lis said...

thanks for the comments
i dont know why u cant listen, try the one at the sidebar?

joe - haha, no la my voice not that good also, i just like making music! hehe thanks anyway

capek - i dont think so. sorry!

good luck for SPM!! jiayou... gambateh...

Anonymous said...

Even I m sitting for STPM, but I feel exactly the same!
Dude, U're NOT ALONE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow man u r great.. anyway hav to wish u good luck in spm.. haha..

hamizah said...

gosh! ur song is damn cool la! haha already addcited to it.. anyway i can download it?? OoOOhOo U RAWK!

Korentia said...

was dis song write last year? it is so awesome man. i sitting for spm this year. lyrix so true!

Samuel K Lis said...

thank u thank u. good luck everyone!