Monday, September 01, 2008

Show Me The Meaning

Does anyone remember the song "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely"? Now I shall sing... "Show Me The Meaning of Being Unfair"... because there is just this absurd unfairness in my school.

One of the most disliked, most hated, most detested and most disgustingly full-of-himself person has gotten the most distinguished, most honourable and most notable award presented to students. Our beloved head prefect has gotten the Tokoh Pelajar award, and somehow I won't hesitate writing about him here because I feel that this is truly unfair.

First of all, we all hate him. I try to be civil with him and treat him as a fellow human being, but many people in this school, especially the lower-ranked prefects under him feel he is not worthy of being called a human, but a [man's best friend]!! I think this came about because of his unfair attitude, his servanthood and undying loyalty towards our beloved discipline teacher... I don't really know why, but he's made my friend(s) cry before, I'm sure that counts for something.

Secondly, his exam results were pathetic. Maybe an A or so for BM or Tamil, but practically half the class beat him hands down. I wonder how the heck was he even considered for the award, if being a Tokoh Pelajar meant the most all-rounded student in the school?!

Then, I found the truth on Saturday, which was our prize-giving day. (I got award for being a class monitor as well as a bronze award for co-curriculum because of Chinese calligraphy thingie). I spoke to a renowned student is our school.

Me: How the heck did he get the award??!!
Sonia: Aiyah, memang like that wan lah. He is head prefect mah.
Me: What, so head prefect must get Tokoh Pelajar award?
Sonia: Yes lah, it's always like that. Head prefects always got the award wan.
Me: !@#$%^&*&^%$#@!! [censored][censored]

My point is, this is just unfair. So many other students were better than the said boy by academic as well as co-curriculum achievements. There were so many other students who got both co-curriculum awards and academic awards. But yet, when his biodata was read out, we only heard things like "menyertai...", "terlibat dalam...", "ahli aktif dalam..." - instead of more deserving attributes like winning any of those silly events he took part in. If the head prefect and only THE head prefect can get the penultimate award, does that mean every other student has no chance to obtain it, and all their efforts are wasted? Even if you get perfect scores for all your subjects, and you represented the Solar System in a galaxy-level competition but you are not a freaking Head Prefect, you still don't get the freaking award?!!

To conclude, I'm not saying I think I should have gotten the stupid award. Other people's credentials, like Sonia herself, Shiau Shuang, Ang Wei Fu and many others had much more acclaim than even two of Mr-Head-Prefects. Maybe he got it because he was Indian? Crap. Anyhow, the award was biased, it was given in total insincerity and has no value at all. Thank God I'm leaving in a few months time.


Morph[ological Violation] said...

I do agree with you whole-heartedly.

Samuel Kana Lis said...

thank you thank you
meanwhile if you are who i think you are, please make sure the right person becomes the head prefect...!!