Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka 2008!!

In conjunction with Malaysia's 51st birthday (technically East Malaysians do not really agree with the date of Malaysia's actual 'birthday'; shouldn't it be 16 September? 31 August is merely the day of Independence right... but I digress)

51 random facts about me that you might not know

1. I use a Motorola L6
2. I don't like it.
3. I speak a tiny bit of Iban, Hokkien and Tamil, besides the more fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. Talk about multilingual!
4. I have white hair. Quite a lot of them.
5. I've had more crushes than one hand can count, but rejected about as many times - in the time span of about 5 years from Primary 4 until Form 3. That's so pathetic right.
6. I can play badminton, tennis and table tennis quite well.
7. I wish I can play the violin. I adore the rich sound, the expressive range, the vibratos... ahhh.
8. I have never played CS or DoTA before. That's so sad right, I've never had the chance to, you see. My parents hardly approve of computer games.
9. My parents think I'm smart so they expect me to do uber-well in exams. It sometimes doesn't pay to study too hard for school exams...
10. I get the flu almost all the time. I quote Ryner Lai: "perpetually sick".
11. I like making ambigrams of people's names, and enjoy seeing the smile and amazement on their faces when they see it. Example: Jeremy. It's not the best, though, I've seen much cooler ones like in Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", but mine still works anyhow.
12. My favourite colour used to be blue, because it is calm, deep and less invasive then other colours.
13. My favourite colour last year was orange, because it reminds me of orange juice.
14. My favourite domesticated animals are hamsters and dogs. (especially beagles) I find cats repulsive.
15. My favourite wild animals are falcons, swans and dolphins. I love their graceful movements and beauty. Amazing creatures, aren't they?
16. The songs that I have listened over and over to until I get sick of them:
Jesus Take the Wheel, Assuredly Yours, All For Love, Everything (Lifehouse), You and Me (Lifehouse), Only Time (Enya), Who Am I (Casting Crowns), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Jason Castro and Katharine McPhee).
17. My favourite band at the moment is Casting Crowns.
18. The movies that I re-watched: I Not Stupid 2, Ratatouille, Click, 50 First Dates and Facing The Giants.
19. I don't cook. I eat.
20. I don't have any specific fear, except a slight intimidation reserved for big people and also white foreigners. I don't know why.
21. Nevertheless I love how British people speak, so rich and expressive! I would like to go to England one day, to watch Wimbledon, which is also my favourite tennis Gland Slam.
22. I have never dyed my greying hair but I intend to after SPM.
23. I dream of becoming a best-selling author. If I ever do, please buy my books!
24. I love Roald Dahl's book and short stories. My favourite is "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar".
25. I have read all Harry Potter series except "The Half-Blood Prince". I couldn't get my hands on a copy, but it seems I didn't miss much, so there.
26. I am slightly allergic to milk and crabs.
27. I love metahon, the one in Hui Sing, Kuching. I miss it so much... I miss Kuching...
28. I fractured my right little finger in Form 2.
29. I lost my right ear hearing in Form 2, but eventually recovered about 80-90%.
30. As a result, I cannot really hear high pitch sounds, which might explain why I keep singing in my shrieking falsetto because I do not realize how terrible it sounds... Xo
[Did you know XO is not a smiley, but a genetic code for people with Turner's Syndrome? XO XO XO]
31. My favourite subject is English, followed by Add Maths and possibly Chemistry.
32. My favourite teachers of all time are:
Pn. Anita (English Form 4), Pn. Luk (Chinese and Choir Form 3), Pn. Lim (Chemistry Form 4), Pn. Jennie (Science Form 3), Pn. Lucy (English Form 1 and 2) and Cik Susie (KH and Sejarah and badminton Form 1).
33. I used to hate Physics because of Form 4 chapter 2, but now I started to like it this year because I have finally grasped the gist of Forces and Motion.
34. I have a bump on my right middle finger. Some say it was because I touched a hot kettle when I was young, others say it is because I write too much, too hard and wrong position of writing.
35. Most of my bestest best friends are left-handed.
36. I loved Neopets and kept quitting-and-start-again from Primary 6 until Form 3. I did a brief Neopets stint again in Form 4, but around the end of last year I resolved to quit it forever.
37. I write diaries. I am currently finishing my sixth book. Who knows, one day I'll publish them and you get to read about my deepest darkest secrets... as if. But this year I have somewhat neglected it because of blogging to fulfill my writing needs.
38. I still have no idea what I want to study after SPM. My sister has added another option into my already-too-long list of options, that is Actuarial science.
39. My fingers are shorter than most pianists'. I think that's why I have trouble playing advanced classical and Baroque pieces.
40. Speaking of piano, I didn't like playing piano for the first few years of learning until Form 1 or Form 2 when I started playing in church, then I got serious in playing both impromptu as well as playing piano pieces.
41. I sometimes find it hard to sleep, especially the night(s) before a big event, because I keep thinking and thinking and cannot stop thinking. I usually have to listen to music to calm my mind down.
42. I have lived in many, many, many places. I was born in Sri Aman, Sarawak. We (my family) moved to Penang. Six years later I lived in KL for two years. Then we moved to Kuching. Then in Primary 4 we moved to Brisbane, Australia for a 6-month stint at the school there. It was awesome. Then, after moving back to Kuching and staying for about 6 years, we moved to Banting. That brings the total to 6 places I have lived in.
43. I am a staunch fan of Federer and Ivanovic. I am sad that Federer is no longer number 1. Hoping he does fantastically well in US Open which I cannot watch because of the nearing trial exam... *sigh* [so why in the WORLD am I blogging?]
44. I weigh 5 kilograms more than I did before coming to Banting. That's 5 kg of pure fat, I tell you!! Must. Exercise. ... But. No. Time...
45. I have been to 10/14 states in Malaysia: Sarawak, Sabah, Selangor, Ipoh, Pahang, Penang, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and KL. That's 71.43% of Malaysia I've set foot on!
46. My shoe size is a 9 or 10.
47. I sometimes sleep talk about nonsensical things.
48. I have a file full of unfinished lyrics and songs, another file full of ideas for novels or short stories, and another file full of ambigrams I have done and waiting to be drawn on the computer. These are the things I plan to do after SPM...
49. If I ever get a million dollars, the first thing I'll do is raid MPH and buy all the novels I have always wanted to read and own. Maybe I'll make a library or something.
50. If there's any money left, I'll probably want to visit America and England.
51. Three things I will never leave home without (besides clothes): Tissue, wallet, phone.
52. Will wait for next year's Merdeka??

Happy Independence Day!! Independence is a good thing. But sometimes we have to put our lives into other people's hands, like your family's, your spouse's ... and God's.
Other than that, be yourself and don't let other people define who you are!!

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