Tuesday, August 05, 2008


A moment of brief solace for my over-stressedness these days because of nearing trial exams...
Yesterday and today, my English teacher Mr. Chay lightened things with a task of creating a questionnaire of "most extraordinary/unsual/whatever thing you have ever done". We were to make 10 questions asking your friend(s) about specific things starting with "Have you ever....?" But of course, my friends and I made more than 10!!

I think all of us had lots of fun making the questionnaire to dig up some juicy secrets.. haha! I made sure mine pricked my friends' conscience. Here's a picture of it.

(Click to enlarge - it should be quite clear)

My questions included:
- Have you ever cheated in an exam?
- Have you ever gossipped about a friend to another?
- Have you ever broken something and hid it from your parents/teacher?
- Have you ever done something bad and blamed someone else?
and more.

Have fun reading!!

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