Saturday, August 02, 2008


Today I played what must be the most painful game ever invented, all in the name of, what, fun?

I played volleyball this morning in a competition organised by the school club. I teamed up with Lik Pin, Wee Onn and Vishnu. I had actually only played volleyball about twice in my whole life, once in Primary 4 and once in Form 3 when playing with the Batu Lintang choir team during the Damai retreat after the China trip... so you can expect me to suck really bad, right?

But not really, our team managed to defeat our first two opponents to reach the final. In the final, we were leading by 12-5 thanks to my lucky serves that got in and didn't come back six consecutive times! But unfortunately I couldn't deliver at 18-all, and we lost by 21-19 as first runner-ups. Oh well, I had lots of fun, as well as S.I.P.!!! (Self-inflicted pain)

I wonder if I can still write or play piano ever again... Xo

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