Friday, November 30, 2007

The Evil Golden Compass

Oh, a sign of the end of times! The anti-Christ coming... in the form of
Nicole Kidman and a children's movie called The Golden Compass??

The polar bear thing looks pretty cool, doesn't it? It would have been such a cool children's movie to watch, but UNFORTUNATELY it is evil!!!
Doesn't look evil, does it? But neither did a certain woman from our school who we all KNEW in our heart of hearts that she was EVIL but she didn't seem like it until we found the truth...

The EVIL hadiraF who tried to close down all ISCFs under her control!!!

So why do I say The Golden Compass is evil?
The film is a watered-down version of the book Northern Lights, released in the U.S. as The Golden Compass which is the first book of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, a series that follows the adventures of a street-wise girl who travels through multiple worlds populated by witches, armor-plated bears, and sinister ecclesiastical assassins to defeat the oppressive forces of a "senile" God.
Quite obviously Philip Pullman is an atheist and a maniacal one at that. He said, "I don't profess any religion; I don't think it's possible that there is a God; I have the greatest difficulty in understanding what is meant by the words 'spiritual' or 'spirituality'." In a 2003 interview, he said, "My books are about killing God" and that he was "trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief".
Pullman is said to be "the most dangerous author in Britain" and is described as the writer "all atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed."
One of the characters, an ex-nun, described Christianity as "a very powerful and convincing mistake" and another, "every church is the same: control, destroy, obliterate every good feeling", and in the end a girl and a boy, depicting Adam and Eve, kills God.

Now, the movie would seem mild if you viewed it, but that's the whole purpose, my dear friends! Promoters are hoping that unsuspecting parents who bring their kids to watch the movie will buy the books for Christmas, thus selling atheism like they sold Spiderman and Finding Nemo merchandise!!! Pullman says he wants children to read the books and decide against God and the kingdom of heaven.

Go to THIS link for more information.

And yet another reason to abolish Neopets - it advertises the damn movie!

Weapon: Golden compass
which incidentally is quite a powerful weapon...

Neopets even got a sponsorship from the movie!!! Because of this, they have a page for The Golden Compass just to look for a hidden daemon. They have a game that reveals your inner daemon and even explains some stupid crap about "Daemon (pronounced DEE-mon)= In the world of The Golden Compass, every human is joined with an animal spirit who is as close to them as their own heart. In childhood, a daemon alters its form to reflect the ever-changing nature of children. In adulthood, it assumes a permanent form that best reflects the inner nature of its human. " ...oh what will happen next?!! Neopets destroying minds of little kids...

So do we still go to watch the movie? I hope none of us do, unless you have to know about the movie for the purpose of preventing others from being confused.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Capital Punishment For Religion?

I recently read a report of a 85-year old man who was arrested and sentenced to capital punishment, i.e. death, without trial, and this penalty for the mere reason of practicing his personal religion which was not recognized by the government. I think the incident was some time ago, thankfully.
Such a terrible thing, right? Everyone and anyone who reads the report can have three different views:

1. The extreme cruelty of the government and total extinction of religious freedom and/or respect for other people's religions. We should all be extremely thankful for the freedom we have here in Malaysia to practice our separate religions, regardless of the official religion.

2. The crime of the man himself for not obeying the national laws. The law clearly stated that only the recognized religions specified by the government are to be practiced, and all others strictly banned. The "religous" practice of the guy must have been pretty gruesome, I imagine. Think about it - shrine prostitution, ritual murders, and human sacrifices all deserve capital punishment, don't you think? The guy could have done some of these things and killed someone. The actual act was not mentioned in the report.

3. The boldness of the old man to stand firm on his religious views and beliefs regardless of the law. He must have been a tremendously devoted man to have dared to do whatever it is he did and be sentenced to death. He had such a conviction that his god(s) was the almighty and above all others to have done it. Well, give him credit for that, would you?

So in light of these views, would you have done what the old man did? I mean, gruesome rituals aside, would you have stuck firm to your beliefs even if the country forbade you to practice it? Would you have risked your all - your life, your freedom, your family - just to show some devotion to your god(s)?

I personally... am not so sure. We sing about it, we talk about it, but if I were to be faced with death or imprisonment for the sake of my God... ... ...
Like Paul said, to live is Christ and to die is gain. I think what he meant was that no matter what happens, he would have God on his side. So, here's my verdict - I love life and believe God wants me to enjoy it, but if ever my faith tested, I pray that I would have the boldness and guts to stand for what I believe.

By the way... the 85-year-old man I mentioned - his name was Daniel... heard of him before? He prayed to his God at a time when only the king - King Darius of Babylon was to be bowed down to. Remember what happened? He was thrown into the lion's den, expected to be mauled and eaten by the hungry cats. However, apparently his God was protecting him and shut the mouths of the lions. When King Darius came to check, he saw Daniel, untouched and probably playing with the lions, so he immediately got him out of the den and acknowledged Daniel's God as Lord. The officials who had planned the fall of Daniel were in turn, thrown to the lions and gobbled up in a flash, showing that the lions weren't sick or suffering from anorexia nervosa.

What a mighty God!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Holidays are getting to me. I may find myself unable to revert back to school life next year...(like as if I was ever in school-life mode the whole year) X0
But oh well, might as well enjoy my last few weeks of freedom before the start of my whole-year-long torturous ordeal, no?

Just went to watch a movie at Star Cineplex, Walt Disney's Enchanted with some of my classmates in conjunction with Ryner's birthday. (By the way has everyone seen the new face-lift the [Alakat building/Medan Pelita/whatever it's called] has had? It's so overly cheerful and... an eyesore for the depressed...)

Anyway I think it was a sweet and happy-ending movie...but I feel it was kind of rushed, like they couldn't wait to finish the movie.
The queen died so quickly, you would have thought she couln't fly?? And why nothing was done to investigate the emergence of the fairy-tale people?? Silly New Yorkers... (to all who haven't watched - so sorry I'm spoiling the fun...XD) Interesting to know the princess managed to sew two whole fantastic dresses using the curtains before the others woke up... haha!
But nevertheless it was fun to watch a movie after sooooo many months!! Although we arrived there late thanks to some people's fault... by the time we got in, Princess Giselle had already appeared in the real world...

After the movie, Ryner, Nat and I went to Crossway to hang out and then McDonalds. Now here, Ryner and I started preaching to poor Nathaniel (who incidentally has the same name as the evil witch's sidekick-turned-good-guy... muahahaha) who looked totally clueless, distressed and wishing we would just shut up so he can eat his Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, i think it's called, in peace... haha!! (By the way the chicken McNuggets with BBQ sauce is really nice, but due to price inflation these days the nuggets were so damn small... oh well)

As we were talking about salvation, law, grace, and some religious issues Nat raised, I began to realize that so many people are cluless and lost, aren't they? Not saying that Nat is clueless or lost (he's going to slaughter me next year...) but it got me thinking. These people are asking questions, seeking the truth... They are trying to find a purpose in life - some say they live to do good deeds, some live for love (don't understand that) - so close yet so far from the truth!
What, or who takes up your life? What takes precedent?

(I'm sorry if you think I'm super-religious fanatic or something, but while I'm not at all a holy-moley Liew or ReveRyner, I strongly believe that Jesus is the only solution to the world's many problems - and not just the church or the religion itself - but to know God's amazing, amazing grace and love which transcends ALL understanding. So there, go away if you don't feel comfortable. =P)

Life's not a fairy tale, most of the time they don't end like Giselle and Robert's as well as Edward and Nancy's happy ending. We hope they do but... whatever life throws at us cannot affect us when we have God on our side, no?
John 10:10 says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but God came to give life and life abundantly.
We can live an abundant, and yes, enchanted life with God with us everyday of our lives an until eternity, but only if we are willing to entrust our whole being to Him! Watch this video by Joyce Meyer, it's really inspiring.

Let God enchant your life!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Evil Girls

All this while, I had thought that the members of the opposite sex were absolutely magnificent, tremendous creations to behold.
At last... I have found the truth - a shocking, appalling truth.
It seems, all scientific and mathematical evidence point to the opposite of my belief system...

Samuel's Premature Madness

The most-anticipated and constipating exam has just come and gone in no time at all, and I wonder if I will be able to survive it next year.
Most of my Form 5 friends have just finished their SPM examinations yesterday, with Biology as their last paper. Some others take Bible Knowledge (like I am, but I'm contemplating dropping the subject as I detest memorizing...) which will be a week away, meaning another week more until total freedom. Ah, freedom, I wonder how it feels like?
As for me and the rest of the Form 4 world, we'll be starting the death-defying, perilous journey of SPM very, very soon... who knows if I will be able to pull through, or go crazy like some people I know..
One of those crazy people once told me, a month before SPM, you will be rather relaxed, a week before you begin to panic. A few days before doomsday you can hardly eat or sleep. The day before Sejarah (History) you will probably vomit.
Uh oh... how brutal...
Not good at all, for a lazy bum like me... aack!

Let me tell you my daily routine prior to the holidays:
Morning: Wake up at 5.45 a.m., snooze the alarm clock and wake up again at 6 or until my father comes up in a quake and shakes me to half-consciousness. Go to school at about 6.15 or 6.30 (depending on what time I got out of bed and how long it took to style my hair or iron my shirt and if I burnt the shirt it will take a bit more time...O.o)
Afternoon: Come home at 2 p.m., eat lunch and go straight to bed and sleep for 2 hours. Then I go to the faithful computer to play Neopets until my mother comes back. So naughty horr... don't tell her laaa...
Evening: Eat dinner at 7 or later depending on what time my mother comes back or if I decided to go to sleep some more. Take a shower (Yes, you read correctly, I only shower after dinner... such a disgusting slob, ain't I?) and then...
Night: At this time, I have three options (besides tuitions, music practices, and other religious meetings) : One, do my homework (banyak banyak homework you know in Form 4...) as much as possible and finish the rest in school or copy people's work (most of the time people copy me lorr... thank God I go to school early most of the time thanks to my father's post as PKHEM in Sg. Maong...)Two, complete projects, artwork and/or crafts that are ever so bountiful this whole year, slaving half-dead and on creative-overload-mode for many sleepless nights on end until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning - and all these a result of my terrible procrastination. I never seem(ed) to learn from past mistakes - oh no, it happens all the time, again and again - and I wouldn't bet 10 bucks that it would be any different next year... *sob*
Last and probably the least, I may study a little bit, but oh too rarely do I do that, unless there is a test or exam coming in, say, one or two days..? And I still wonder why my Sejarah sucks like a Scandinavian vacuum cleaner that says...

Having said all this, I seriously wonder if I can pull my socks up next year and... not waste my time like I have been doing this past year. I was hardly any better in Form 3, but I managed to scrape by with straight A's - all by God's grace, really - should I expect to be able to do the same for SPM?
Now, I expect that there WILL be some amount of difference next year, since I have more or less done away with Neopets and all that nonsense. What's more, my parents will DEFINITELY be monitoring my internet usage very strictly as SPM is no-play-play business you know!!
Somehow I have a nagging feeling that I will somehow find someway to waste my time in the afternoons and procrastinate all over again - but if there's a will, there's a way, no?

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lost and Found


Something truly amazing and miraculous occured to me today, that will totally alter the course of my life....!!!
... not really, but still...

I was trying to find out more about changing accounts, emails and whatnots when I came accross this "forgot" link. And just when I thought all hope had been lost... I found that I had used an old email for all my previous blogs!!
Therefore, I decided to delete all those unusable blogs, just so that there will be three more available addresses for those aspiring bloggers out there... haha. More like, two more available addresses, as I decided to make a spare blog on this account, just for the sake of posting pictures online to link, old unwanted posts and whatnots. Subsequently, I deleted my first post of this blog for the same reason.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kana Kana and his Ridiculous Tests

Kana Kana on Social Issues

Kana Kana on Preferences

Kana Kana on Dreams

Kana Kana's Dark Side


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

d' Encounter 2007

This year's EmBaCY (Emmanuel Baptist Church Youth) camp is drawing nearer and nearer everyday, with less than a month to go!!

Yup, you guesses it, (or maybe you didn't... whatever) that is why I decided to stop playing Neopets - why? Because the stupid, useless, time-wasting, childish and "many-ranks-below-the-already-useless-Maple-Story-says-Mr.-Caleb-Tan" game is... you get the picture.

You may ask, "But I play Neopets too! (how very unlikely that I would come across one who did say that but... ah, you'd never know) I don't find it wasteful, in fact it's really enjoyable and good for you if you know how to manage your time...(yet again how very rare to hear that)..."
But that is the problem, ladies and gentlemen! And I'm not just talking about Neopets. Every other useless-but-fun things apply here. Now that the camp is drawing nearer, and we all MUST prepare for the camp and start praying and seeking God earnestly, there is no time to waste on stupid, useless, time-wasting, etc games like Neopets!!!! Besides, I am not one who manages his time wisely, playing a minimum of three hours a day almost every day!! Almost addicted you know...or more like addicted already...
(definition of addicted= dependent on a drug or something else as a habit; devoted to an interest)
So you see what I mean?

We are really expecting one heck of a camp this year, and it will be so totally different from the past years, as God moves differently every year, yet still as powerful as ever. This is the time of revival, guys! And whether it looks or feel like it or not, God is SOOO ready to pour out His fire - but nothing's gonna happen if we sit back and kiao ka, right?!! Gotta start praying and praying for Him to move mightily and touch lives once again, and breathe in us a new passion, a new flame!

But... aih... before anyone starts making snide remarks again (thank you, Mr.Crap-pu-inc-author, for your "bizarre backlashes" that totally revolutionized my view of Neopets), I just want to say that the primary reason that I feel I should quit Neopets is because...
I have been ordained the camp commander of this year's camp

So...I am quite nervous, but hey, if I wasn't up for it,
uncle would have been a little more reluctant to drill me through the tasks of a CC
the committee wouldn't have appointed me rite?

At the same time, I am quite excited to take on the challenge, the post last taken by Daniel Chong last year. Therefore, I'm going to take it seriously and stop wasting my time playing useless games...

The camp details:
12 December 2007 - EBC building
13-15 December 2007 - Santubong Resort
Guest speaker: Pastor Mark Varughese, Pastor of City Church KL, tour keyboardist of Planetshakers.

RM100.00 per head

For more information
please contact Uncle Mervyn or Wilson Liew.

The Promo by Grace Lee, Priscilla Tan, Gloria Law and I


Due to the incessant insults and jeering from multiple sources,
the post concerning my intense obsession with a certain gamesite,

dated 18 November 2007,
has been removed to prevent more grievous hurt
to my already deflated pride and ego,
for many a snide remark has caused me to decide to dethrone
the certain gamesite from my life.

I have hereby declare an abstinence from premarital sex, alcohol, cigarettes AND any form of virtual pets whether Neopets, Marapets, or Subeta...

and all this for a noble cause.

May God be with me...