Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Piano Player

In my hands I have a heritage, a treasure no one can steal. When I leave I will bring with me much knowledge that I have stored over the years. This knowledge I have tried to pass down to my faithful students Mark Song and Cordelia Mejin, and I am more than confident that they, together with Chara Teh and Anders Cheng, will continue to carry on the legacy of great pianists that EmBaCY has produced for every generation.
Mark, I am counting on you to be better than me!!

One of my enthusiastic students asked me to give her a copy of a list I have formed of the songs that require certain skills. While it is not the most complete list and there definitely will be more to come, I daresay anyone who can grasp all the intros and parts in the list can survive quite well.

Piano Intros
- From the Inside Out
- Rain Down (Planetshakers)
- Who Am I
- *We Fall Down
- *Still
- **Here In My Life
- *Center of My Life
- At the Cross
- *Oceans Will Part
- Emmanuel
- With All I Am
- *Hosanna (Paradise)
- *You Are My World
- *Light In The Dark (EmBaCY)
- *To the Ends of the Earth
- Shout to the Lord
- **All For Love
- **This is my Desire
- **Sing
- *Take All of Me
- *Magnificent
- Everliving God
- I Believe (Planetshakers)
- Secret Place (Planetshakers)
- Evermore (Planetshakers)
- **Fall in This Place
- **Worship You Alone
- *I'm Forever Yours
- Save Australia/Malaysia
- Jesus (Planetshakers)
- **You Alone Are God
- I Could Only Imagine
- Saviour (God He Reigns)
- Worthy is the Lamb

Keyboard/Synthesizer Intros
- God of Miracles
- *Majesty (Delirious)
- **Majesty (Planetshakers)
- **Always & Forever
- *Pick It Up
- *Rise Up and Praise Him
- *Give Thanks to the Lord
- Church on Fire
- Everything That Has Breath
- Great and Mighty (Planetshakers)
- **Shine Like Stars
- Beautiful Saviour
- *I'm Forever Yours

Piano Solos
- *Look to You
- **You Alone are God
- *Worship You Alone
- I believe (Planetshakers)

Keyboard/Synthesizer Solos
- **Shine Like Stars
- *Shout of El-Shaddai

Piano: Other
- Hear our Praises - verse
- Breathing the Breath - chorus
- Beautiful One - verse
- Rain Down (Delirious) - verse
- *The Stand - chorus
- *I'm Forever Yours - whole song

The songs with an asterisk (*) are the ones that all pianists (at least in youth) MUST know... two asterisks (**) mean it's very important, duh.
I know, it's a lot of songs, right? But if you really want to excel... and as Steve Harris said, anointing equals excellence. You MUST strive to worship God in excellence. When you work hard, in anything at all, God will surely reward you!
And as I always tell my students: Worship God on the piano the way you worship God in song, express your devotion, don't play for the sake of playing. Understood? Good.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby's Vanity

Want some more heart-throbbing, time-stopping cuteness of my (my family's but more or less mine also laaa) darling bitch female dog? Welcome to Baby's cam-whoring session...

Aiya so shy laa...

*sniff* *sniff*

I'm staring at you with my adorable to-die-for eyes

heyyy.. whassup?

Yo, dude, your fly is open y'know

I'm sooo emoooo...

What, whatcha lookin at?

Up on my four feet, ready to roll...

Oh, it's the paparazzi again! How delightful!

Say cheeseee...!!


It is done... past the point of no return! The tickets have been bought through AirAsia's online booking services...

Flight Details
Kuching (KCH) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL)
Wednesday, 02 Jan 2008 Flight AK 5201
Depart Kuching (KCH) at 07:00
Arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 08:40

So there you have it: My mom, my sis and I will be flying to KL on the 2nd January 2008, 7 a.m. My dad will stay on for a few months here but will fly to KL often during that period of time due to the wait for a transfer to a school there.

I hope this clears any doubt or confusion about my leaving and what time I will go. Hope to see you all at the airport on Wednesday morning!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


[This is an advertisement for my bitch, Baby.]

I have a friend, her name is Baby.
She always "perasaan" whenever some of the pop songs like Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" (Ooh Baby when you talk like that...) or Britney Spear's "Baby One More Time" is being played. She'll go like "whaaat? did someone call me?" XD. (She's a bitch, you know)
Yea, I meant both Britney and Baby, cos my friend... she's a damn bitch!!! (female dog...)
This is my canine friend, Baby, and her many antics...

She is a very friendly bitch dog. She loves to lick and slobber all over her beloved friends and family. Very affectionate.

Baby doesn't bite, but she is a very useful watchdog, or should I say... "automatic doorbell". Anyone she has never met or only met a few times she will definitely bark and bark and bark and bark... but she never bites, so somehow I think she will be useless to attack people... oh well, but she can bark real loud!!
Because of this, she makes it easier for us to know if someone is outside or if our transport has arrived to pick us up.

Baby is a very easy dog to take care of. She is very used to being outside as we don't allow her to come into our house. She wanders around the garden and does all her businesses far away in the grass. She doesn't like baths, though... and she gets ticks sometimes so you'll need to get tick-remover medicine from the vet and bathe her in it whenever you see or feel ticks in her fur.

Baby comes to me whenever I need her with me. She comforts me by licking me up and down and sitting beside me. How do I get her to come? Simple! One easy way is to squat down with legs apart and clap your hands once or twice. If Baby can see you, she will definitely come to you and head straight between your legs... then she'll lie down and expect you to scratch her tummy.
Another easy way is to bring a cookie along with you and shout her name. She responds to "Baby" and "Bee". Baby can do a few tricks, like stand on its hind legs, shake hands, sit and lie down.
This female friend of mine is neutered, spayed, sterilized - no way of getting her pregnant with cute little puppies. But it's all for the better - ever heard of canine infestation? Stray dogs littered everywhere - that's why we have birth control!!
This incredibly friendly dog of mine (or more accurately is my family's dog) is 3 years old now. Her birthday (by estimation) is 9th November 2004 - she is used to life of solitude as she lost her only canine co-inhabitant, Ruffles, (which was originally mine) not long after we got them at SSPCA. (died of worm infestation I think)
But Baby does have lots of other dog-friends who come from the neighbours' dogs who come trotting by our house everyday to meet my Baby. However, we keep the gate closed all the time to prevent Baby from having too much fun... such a killjoy, no?
She eats anything that you and I would eat, other than normal dry dog food. It especially likes chicken parts ranging from the head down to the buttocks. It eats cookies, nuts, rice, fish balls, French fries, just about anything!
Oh and one more thing - the dog can catch rats! Yes indeed, it can smell a rat for miles!! For that very reason, we hardly have rats anywhere near our house!

So, you may be wondering, why am I telling you all this? This is because my family will be leaving Kuching soon (exact date and time not sure but my parents say 2nd Jeanuary 2007) and we can't bring the bitch along the same way they can't bring my beloved piano to Banting, so the dog has to go somewhere else, but where and to whom?
Therefore, I am putting up an offer here and now to all my friends - who wants to keep Baby??!!! No payment needed, just promise you will take good care of the beautiful bitch female dog that my sister named "Baby"!!!

Tagged again

all on the sidebar;
the TOP FIVE would be
a) more clothes
b) my piano to be in Banting
c) CD player/iPod/mp3 player
d) book: Just Like Jesus
e) Hillsongs Saviour King DVD/United Live In a Vally by the Sea DVD

a) not enough
b) I want it; can't survive without it
c) to play songs
d) to read
e) to watch


(a) Sarcastic in a nice and funny way
(b) Friendly but at times moody
(c) Lost in a meaningless life, still searching for the truth
(d) Really good tenor
(e) Has armpit hair and is not afraid to show it... haha

Jon was and is a really great friend especially last year, during the whole choir-going-to-China ordeal. He encouraged me and taught me even though I still continued to sing like a pig giving birth.

MOST LOVED INVENTION(does not need to be technologically advance):
Grand piano. The real one, not the cheapo electronic pianos.

Cheapo electronic pianos which is such an INSULT to real grand pianos... but oh well everything is digital these days.

I think most people would be lazy to do this (I was too) so I wouldn't want to make anyone's life harder than it already is, no?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Alvin and The Chipmunks

They are so CUUTTTEEE!!!!
Go to the official site here!!

I was captivated... totally heart-wrenchingly charmed and hit with a blast of adoration and butter-melting warmth and ohhh!!!
Are you prepared to be shocked... are you ready to fall in love with Alvin and the Chipmunks??!! Be warned - you may experience the near-fatal attack of bubbling adorableness!!!!

So cuuuutttteeee!!!!! aaagghhh!!!
Now... prepare for another heart-attack for this song... "Bad Day"!!!
omg omg
(pause the mp3 player first)


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tagged - by Albert and Leti

Games rules and regulations

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question to make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tag. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.You must add the one who tagged you, then spread it to 8 people, let the game go on, returning the tag to sender is prohibited.

1. What was your childhood dream?
To have a collection of all the books in the world. I didn't realize it would take eternity to finish reading all the amazing books, but I would still like more books, thank you!!

2. Do you like rainy or a sunny days?
Well in Malaysia's weather I can't really say. When it's sunny, it's hot like HELL (almost) and when it's rainy, it's wet and icky and cold... oh wait, when it rains I'd have to collect the clothes - so I'd definitely take sunny then...

3.Which colour is your favourite?
I have no idea. It used to be dark blue for the first few years of my life, then I decided I adore the colour orange. Then I decided baby blue must be THE ONE for me - then I fell in love with yellow-orange again because it reminded me of orange juice and oh how I love orange juice...

4. If you've the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
... *silence* ... *cough* ... hello, why you didn't go to (some meeting somewhere)??

5. Which place have you wanted to visit the most?
England. No, America. No no no... England it is. Umm, can I go to America too?

6. Which part of you do you hate most?
My whole body. Well technically my whole body contributes to my height, right? So I'd rather have my whole body be elongated a few millimeters, that would make it just right... XD

7. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
Play some melancholic, emo song on the piano or pour out my heart to my beloved one, that is to mean my dog, Baby, and my diary...

8. What are you most afraid of losing?
My hearing and my fingers. Cos I wouldn't be able to play piano anymore, which would just make me DIEEE... *touch wood*

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her or would you just keep it as a secret in your heart, observing by yourself?
I would keep it a secret and then when the time is right and I have to means to marry, then I'll do something to start a relationship... but somehow my secrets never stay a secret - I have no idea why. Maybe it's a good thing??

10. List out 3 good points of the one who tagged you.
- Friendly and always ready for a nice chat even when his friends are around - so unlike the many multiple-faced people I know. *sigh*
- Smart and intelligent
- Sincere and a very faithful friend
- Charming and pretty... XD
- Has a pure heart, with not a mean bone in her body. (I hope)
- While sometimes shy, but a very good friend

11. What are the requirements that you are hoping for in your other half?
You can find my requirements here.

12.Till now, what moment do you regret the most?
Not studying for UPSR. (got 5As 2Bs) I had no desire whatsoever to do well at that age, now I wish I could repair the damage to my string of A's in public exams.. oh well, I'll just have to do my best in SPM lar... (sorry Leti for having the same regrettable moment)
Of course the other "moments" are not things I would rather share in public, so there.

13. What type of person do you hate most?
I don't hate people. Much. I think. I hope. I shouldn't anyway... but there are just some people that just irritate and annoy me to the point of... resentment. Hate is too strong a word for me to consider. I resent people who openly tear down my faith, even if I don't actually know them. For example, the writer of The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman, and Dan Brown. But I like Dan Brown's books though. It's just terribly unfathomable how such talented writers can have so much evil in them...!!

14. What is your ambition?
So much yet so little to choose from. I wanted to be a professional musician, writer, poet, English professor, evangelist - but my parents have a different view. They think that because I'm smart, I should do science, like be a doctor. While I actually do have an interest in the field of medicine (thanks to my mother's influence) I would much rather do something in the artistic realm. But I'll see where God leads me lah.

15. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
I assume this means what I think would make a person be a bad person? I think anyone who knows God's love and grace and yet turn away from it, is pretty messed up. But God is gracious, so I shall try to be too.

16. If you can have 1 dream granted, what would it be?
Being part of a big Christian youth band, like Planetshakers and United Live. But my youth is coming up, so it's not so much of a distant dream that has to be granted. So my dream... is to build an orphanage or to open my house as a youth facility like Uncle Mervyn. Oh wait that's an ambition... I want to grow taller!! Yup that's a dream, alright...

17. What do you think is most important in your life?
Nothing else but God alone. What else could matter more??!! Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things would be added unto you.

18. At what age do you wish to marry?
Now??!! Whenever I get a job, have the means to raise a family, and I feel that it is the right time and God wants to get married (yes Jon Teo, God does bother about stuff like this), then I'll get married. Preferrably between 22-30.

19. What do you want as your Christmas present?
I have my wishlist at the sidebar, please get me all hose things!! hehe... but for this Christmas I want to spend more time with everyone before I leave to Banting, so bring me out to eat and watch movie, thanks!!

20. My question goes like this: Will you miss your friends in Kuching?
In all honesty, I'm actually not very sure. I mean, there's the amazing Internet and the SMS, and I'll be too preoccupied with settling down to start missing people until maybe middle of next year, so... I'll miss some people - you know who you are!

Now I would like to tag this to:
1. Jeremy Lim
2. Ryner Lai (does he blog?)
3. Jon Teo
4. Bong Yang
5. Nat Sia
6. Daniel Chong
7. Wilson Mole
8. whoever who has lots of time to waste!!!

The Towel

This is a towel. But not just any towel. It was given to me so I won't forget my great friends in school - right, like as if I ever will - and for the purpose of wiping myself...

No way!!!! It has some of my classmate's signatures and wishes on it... can anyone imagine me drying my body with this precious towel? You bet I won't!! I'm not so sick to allow any one of these names to be in contact with certain places on my body that have never seen sunlight...!! I'll probably frame this up and hang somewhere, but I still do need a towel for the purpose of hygiene though. Hehe...

Towel-signing session

Me and Jeremy
(the positioning does not allow me to us correct English, sorry)

Some one my classmates at Hartz Chicken
Notice Ryner with the silly tie!! He seriously needs a fashion advisor larr

Some of my favourite tudungless Malay gals

The Blue Boys - from dark to light tones

The Pinks

The Reds

and the Women (and Man) In Black

I'll miss you guys and girls!!!
But I'm going to have a positive attitude going to Banting, what with new friends and new places, I will face with all the courage in the world and the strength of my Almighty God!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Hmm I wonder who this mysterious guy is... what's he doing in my sister's room??!!
Tsk tsk tsk...
Was it THIS guy??

Or THIS one?

Hmm... perhaps this silly guy right here?

... couldn't have been this one lah...

Go figure... and continue wondering why the mysterious man was in my sister's room staring at who knows what...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Relief or Anguish?

Alas, d' Encounter 2007 has come to an end.
However, I don't feel any of the sadness or nostalgia that I used to feel the past 5 years of joining the youth camp. Actually, I feel kind of relieved that it is finally all over, and I can sit back and relax after the many, many weeks of stress and fretting as the CAMP COMMANDER. No matter what Jason Tan the White Chick says, I was still the CAMP COMMANDER throughout the planning and organizing of the camp, and so the ASSISTANT camp commander ASSISTED the CAMP COMMANDER by doing the checklist. And why the CAMP COMMANDER did not go around knocking on people's doors? Because the ASSISTANT and the ASSISTANT'S MOLEY ASSISTANT were still eating MAGGI CUP when I wanted to start the late night rounds, so they decided they would do it themselves later on.
There, I have justified my lack of activity during the camp. For pictures, visit here. (If you have pictures to share about the camp, please tell me immediately!!)

Anyways, I think the camp was a success and I feel that all the hard work from not just me but everyone in the committee paid off. Right here I just want to thank everyone who helped out in the making of d' Encounter 07:

- Wilson for procrastinating in the making of the worship team schedule doing an awesome job leading worship throughout the camp and for starting the d'Encounter trend two years ago, and for doing the night rounds and all that nonsense.
- Jason Tan the White Chick for assisting me, the CAMP COMMANDER and for supposedly co-leading on the first morning but I ended up leading dismally leading and doing the checklists and doing the knocking-on-doors for me. Thank you also for letting your feminine side out for a while and making me laugh until my stomach hurt...
- Anson for being so fierce and scary like a tiger managing and coordinating the camp so efficiently that I actually didn't have much to do...
- Myself for being such an amazing camp commander
- The food team who did an amazing job, as usual - Auntie Edna, Auntie Cynthia, Auntie Irene, Auntie Ivy, Auntie Jackie and all the other adults and college group people who put in their sweat and blood to feed us (physically) hungry people.
- the Chief usher, Lilian and your team of ushers for serving, from the collection of rubbish to the catching of slain people - may God bless you all so mightily for your hearts of servanthood.
- The treasurer, Grace Lee, for being so trustworthy, responsible and hardworking in keeping the money - may God bless you so abundantly!!
- the registration officers - Crystal, Priscilla and Grace for all your super-hard work, surely the Lord will reward you girls so richly!
- the Toilet King, Jason Lau and your team of cleaners (myself included... Xo), for working hard to clean up the church before the camp and after the rally. Oh and I also received a revelation from none other than Jason that I sleep-talk sleep-mumble!!
- the Games Committee - myself, Crystal, Grace and Priscilla who spent hours and hours thinking, discussing, planning and shopping. From what I heard, everyone enjoyed the games and the treasure hunt, is that right? We were glad (but tired out after that) that it was well worth it! Also the other youths who helped in the treasure hunt - Anders, Daniel C, Cordelia, Letitia, Gloria, Joseph, Aaron, Darren, Timothy, Lilian, Pauline, Florence, Caleb, Joanne, Jason L and Zhi En.
- Florence and all the other photographers who helped to capture the visible essence of the camp - I'm still waiting for the pictures and videos!!
- the EmBaCY Production Team including Joshua Wong of whom I miss for producing a spectacular promo that TOTALLY enticed everyone to join the camp!! XD
- Last year's Camp Commander Daniel Chong, who did a fantastic job in designing the camp registration form and for wasting half of my mousse to prank people.
- Gloria, Cordelia and Letitia for spending hours and hours making the name tags and decorating it to the finest of perfection... thank you!!!
- the singers and musicians who put in hours to pray, practice and prepare for the camp - Wilson, Crystal, Grace, Priscilla, Gloria, Anders, Chara, Jason T, Samson T x2 (Tan and Toh... =P), Darren, Caleb, Daniel C, Cordelia, Letitia, and myself.
- Uncle Mervyn, Uncle Kester and the many praying women ("the Aunties") for the support and fervent prayers that were so vital for the success of the camp.
- Everyone else I forgot to mention who did their part, whether small or big to make this camp a success that I think it is. God bless you guys for being faithful! Especially those who helped in arranging the chairs on the 13th afternoon in EBC and also keeping the chairs at the back in Dewan Kenyalang.
- All the campers for being a part of this amazing camp - what would the camp be without you all?!!
- the speakers for speaking the Word of God so powerfully and impacting our lives as well as praying for the youths - Pastor Mark Varughese and Pastor Jemima, Bro Bajau and wife, Uncle Mervyn and Auntie Edna, Uncle Kester and Auntie Jackie.
- And woe to me if I ever forget to thank GOD for sending down his AMAZING presence and FLAMIN' FIRE and touching each and every one of the campers in a whole new and special way. We prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed - every Saturday morning and Sunday night, at home and in youth - God is always faithful!! Thank God also for the good weather on the 14th that allowed us to have a full treasure hunt! I also did not get sick the whole camp (except for the sore throat on the first day and terrible flu on the day of the rally after shopping with the girls and being in Florence's heavily-perfumed car)

However, that's... just the "relief" part.
Now on to the "anguish"...
Anguish #1
My parents have made the final decision on our plans to move to Banting by the end of this month. Their decision shocked me to my very core - the moment of truth made me switch from after-camp mode to anticipation mode.
They have sold off our old car, my dad have gotten the transfer letter from my school - it has all been arranged and planned. They have booked tickets for themselves to fly to Banting from 19th to 24th December to find a house to rent and all that, so my sister and I will be home alone for that 5 or so days... (Moleman arr... you need to be our driver liao...)
There's no turning back, I think. I'll miss Kuching...
Anguish #2
I seem to have forgotten most of what I have learnt throughout the camp. I only remember the SOAP format of reading the Bible (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) and something about the power of two...
I think the theme was more of... living for Jesus and following Him every step of the way, like the way Pastor and wife met each other, etc. Also about hunger for the Word, the house of God and the presence of God. Build God's house and He will build your house!!... The rest is lost somewhere in my head...
This morning in church, Pastor Mark Varughese preached about 2 Kings 6 - something about praying for God to do the impossible, but we have to do the possible bits ourselves.
Anguish #3
My parents say I can't bring my beloved piano to Banting - oh nooo... I can't survive (almost) without my piano because I really, really need it to keep me company and to worship God in song, which is one of the ways I spend time with God... but anyway like my personal preacher (Ryner) said, don't complain like the Israelites but believe in God Adonai to provide an even better piano then the one at home... hehe!!

Somehow I feel the messages during the camp and this morning (and last week by Damien Chua) was SO for my family. It was mostly about following God's plan even if it all looks impossible and difficult... Banting????? I'll miss my friends - and Ryner will miss someone to "share his spiritual insights" to... hahaha, who'll be his next victim? Nathaniel Sia???

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Finally, after months and months (actually less than one month only le...) of anticipation, ...
Hosanna is back!!!

Hosanna's coming back means a few things:
1. I am no longer lonely... I missed her!! I have been so ALONE especially in the holidays, now I have my darling Hosanna to be with me!! So I can talk to her non-stop about my girl problems, and she can be my vanity mirror... =P I would ask her everyday how I look, whether my hair nice or not... XD XD XD

2. She thinks the idea of moving to Banting is crazy, absurd and very strange indeed. She said that she laughed when she first heard of the idea, cos Banting to isolated and got nothing there at all... (Pastor Chris Long says otherwise) and if want to go also go PJ or something ma. (I think PJ means Petaling Jaya or Putra Jaya I'm not so sure) She says she would rather come back to Kuching everytime she has holidays, than a few minute's trip to the house in Banting. So now with her to argue against the Banting plans, maybe, just maybe we won't have to go??

3. While causing my parents to think twice, three times, more times about the move, she makes me think about going to Banting as a terrific opportunity. This is because... Hosanna says their youth are very friendly and lively. They even have "appreciation Sunday" when everyone gets a certificate or something, one by one!
Grace Family Sanctuary (or GFS as they call it) sounds really cool, what with Pastor Chris Long there and all that. (he's kind of busy most of the time though, so he is often away at Indonesia or Phillipines or Singapore or wherever)

Anyway, my dad is skeptical about the whole spiritual issue of the move. He thinks it's all foreign territory and a very risky move to take.
On the other hand, I am concerned that God is sending us to Banting for a special purpose, and like Damien Chua said the safest place to be is in the will of God for your life. (or something like that la) If don't obey God, then you're only asking for trouble... And maybe God wants our family to learn to trust Him in difficult times and trials, to make us stronger and build our faith?
Meanwhile, I must confess that I think my studies won't be that affected. I mean, while the getting-used-to may take a few weeks, my brain can function anywhere I am, like Hosanna said even if I am at the very corner of the world I can still do well... (trying to inflate my ego la that girl, but that's kind of true...)

I hope my parents are praying, I sure am. But pray, pray, pray but don't listen to God's voice also no use le... aih... I should stop obsessing about Banting liao. Camp is coming very, very soon. As in, very soon!!! In about 3 days time!!!
I need to be focused and not let this issue distract me.


Please take not that if I did not personally tell you about this issue, it is because I didn't intend to (at least not to non-relatives and church people) until it is CONFIRMED so please DO NOT BE ANGRY OR UPSET AT ME if you find out from this blog or from someone else!!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wise Counsel

Job 12:13 says: "To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.

Joyce Meyer said:
"Pray about everything, don't stress about anything."
"As long as you trust God, have faith, and pray your way through things, whatever life throws at you cannot affect you!"

Another wise man said recently:
Wise man:If God lays down everything for you to follow then what's the point? (talking about leaving and going away) like Abraham, He just give you one thing to follow at a time, the rest will come. So if God really obviously send you to Banting, just go la... then you'd figure out what happens next, or rather He'd tell you what next.
Me: Not me la, my parents...
Wise man: Well like it or not, you go where your parents go. Do you have a choice? And by the way, God has this uncanny practice of raising up musicians from nowhere. If it's really God's plan to send you out do you really think He'd leave His church unequipped? (talking about my leaving as a pianist) God has this really cool way of making things work out all the time.

the "wise man"... again photo grabbed without permission...O.O

... I decided that I will not worry about all this moving thing. I think I'll just put it aside, and concentrate on the upcoming d' Encounter camp. After that... that I can start fretting. So to conclude this time of worrying, I think one part of me wants to go to Banting, to explore new things and places. The other part of me longs to stay back in my school, friends and youth, to not be shaken or experience discomfort.

So I guess that's about it for me - I go where God sends my family, and if my parents go then I obviously have to go. Thanks Josh!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Banting 2

You know what?
The whole going-to-Banting idea... might not be just an idea after all. I might actually BE leaving - and if I am, it would be beginning of January or end of December, like, in half a month's time.

This is seroius business, not a prank, not at all.

My parents are already looking up and asking about the schools in Banting, about house rentals, tuition places... (information from Pastor Chris Long and since his son Nathaniel I think his name was, also in form 5 I think he is...) They are discussing about the pros and cons, and the pros of leaving Kuching kind of outweighs the cons, I think. We'll be saving on flight fares, time, and there are 4-5 schools in Banting that are quite good, rentals that are quite good. Transport would not be much of a problem, I think, and I'll be eating lots of Indian food...

The possibility is ... I think, 50-60% already...
Now even Pastor Chris Long is telling my mom all kinds of good and favourable things about Banting.... (she's talking on the phone even as I type right now)
AND STARTING SCHOOL NEXT YEAR???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think my school's going to be Teluk Datu Banting Methodist or something like that.) To think... I might have to leave without having a chance to say goodbye to my classmates...??!! I probably will be leaving before the 31st this month...
OF course I'll have to bring my beloved piano there too, don't care how much it costs... and maybe my bitch (female dog), Baby, too...? What if the West Malaysians make fun of me cos I'm Sarawakian??

I wonder if I'll wake up and find myself in another one of those terrible nightmare... but this feels too real, doesn't it?
I'm starting to feel rather depressed already... not just EMO... I'm feeling...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


A busy afternoon in Banting town

Banting's a nice, small town that is fast expanding, I think. I, and most people here in Kuching had NEVER known of its existence, until the famous (or infamous?) youth pastor, Pastor Chris Long came to town to make us laugh our heads off and be challenged.

Pastor Chris Long

So only through this guy have we ever heard of the town called Banting in Kuala Langat, Selangor. I visited the town once when my parents and I sent my sister Hosanna to Kolej Mara Banting sometime in the middle of the year. I even had an opportunity to go to Pastor Chris Long's church!! Many people were dying of envy because of that... haha!

Banting is nearer to KLIA than Kuala Lumpur is to the airport. And if I am to get a MARA scholarship in two year's time, (of which my family hopes very much for) I would probably be going there like my sister is now. But at present I am being presented a chance, a vague suggestion from my parents, to study there a bit sooner than expected.

You see, next year, my mom is going to be studying/doing research/something like that which will require her to travel to KL frequently, for 3 years of her study leave. She doesn't want our family to be separated, like when we all went to Australia 6 years ago for her Masters. So now, she is suggesting that we all move to KL or Banting next year so she can get a PhD (aka Permanent Head Damage) while being close to Hosanna and all that. Meanwhile I would study Form 5 somewhere in Banting or Putrajaya.

Although it's still a vague suggestion, I am anticipating a few changes in the next year. Either my mother will be flying to and fro frequently, or we will all fly and leave Kuching ... *Sob*

I'm not hoping it will come to past, seriously! But there are some sacrifices to make to be with family, no? I would so dearly miss my closest friends in class and EmBaCY youths!! I may DIE you know, without all my friends and support. Although it is JUST an idea, it is quite a big one, looming over me and threatening my peace and comfort. I have already taken roots here in Kuching, in my school, and in my church. I have grown too close to my friends to bear spending 3 years far, far away from them... It would be so, so, so, difficult for me to uproot myself... most of all, I would sorely miss the amazing tangible presence of God in our youth that all our past leaders have claimed to be hard to find anywhere else.
I also have a feeling that my church and youth will be having a hard time to find pianists since Wye Yi is going off to West Malaysia and I MAY be following. My studies MAY be affected, or it may not if I am able to cope with my new surroundings.
(come to think of it - the church and youth need my fingers, my service on the piano, don't they? But am I indispensable? Do they need me or just my hands?? ... just an insecure thought)

We're all praying about it, thinking about it, but I really, really hope that we can stay back at Cat city with all the beautiful people. But if my parents decide to leave, it's not like I have a choice, right? Would anyone miss me? I'll be so, so miserable...