Wednesday, December 26, 2007


[This is an advertisement for my bitch, Baby.]

I have a friend, her name is Baby.
She always "perasaan" whenever some of the pop songs like Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" (Ooh Baby when you talk like that...) or Britney Spear's "Baby One More Time" is being played. She'll go like "whaaat? did someone call me?" XD. (She's a bitch, you know)
Yea, I meant both Britney and Baby, cos my friend... she's a damn bitch!!! (female dog...)
This is my canine friend, Baby, and her many antics...

She is a very friendly bitch dog. She loves to lick and slobber all over her beloved friends and family. Very affectionate.

Baby doesn't bite, but she is a very useful watchdog, or should I say... "automatic doorbell". Anyone she has never met or only met a few times she will definitely bark and bark and bark and bark... but she never bites, so somehow I think she will be useless to attack people... oh well, but she can bark real loud!!
Because of this, she makes it easier for us to know if someone is outside or if our transport has arrived to pick us up.

Baby is a very easy dog to take care of. She is very used to being outside as we don't allow her to come into our house. She wanders around the garden and does all her businesses far away in the grass. She doesn't like baths, though... and she gets ticks sometimes so you'll need to get tick-remover medicine from the vet and bathe her in it whenever you see or feel ticks in her fur.

Baby comes to me whenever I need her with me. She comforts me by licking me up and down and sitting beside me. How do I get her to come? Simple! One easy way is to squat down with legs apart and clap your hands once or twice. If Baby can see you, she will definitely come to you and head straight between your legs... then she'll lie down and expect you to scratch her tummy.
Another easy way is to bring a cookie along with you and shout her name. She responds to "Baby" and "Bee". Baby can do a few tricks, like stand on its hind legs, shake hands, sit and lie down.
This female friend of mine is neutered, spayed, sterilized - no way of getting her pregnant with cute little puppies. But it's all for the better - ever heard of canine infestation? Stray dogs littered everywhere - that's why we have birth control!!
This incredibly friendly dog of mine (or more accurately is my family's dog) is 3 years old now. Her birthday (by estimation) is 9th November 2004 - she is used to life of solitude as she lost her only canine co-inhabitant, Ruffles, (which was originally mine) not long after we got them at SSPCA. (died of worm infestation I think)
But Baby does have lots of other dog-friends who come from the neighbours' dogs who come trotting by our house everyday to meet my Baby. However, we keep the gate closed all the time to prevent Baby from having too much fun... such a killjoy, no?
She eats anything that you and I would eat, other than normal dry dog food. It especially likes chicken parts ranging from the head down to the buttocks. It eats cookies, nuts, rice, fish balls, French fries, just about anything!
Oh and one more thing - the dog can catch rats! Yes indeed, it can smell a rat for miles!! For that very reason, we hardly have rats anywhere near our house!

So, you may be wondering, why am I telling you all this? This is because my family will be leaving Kuching soon (exact date and time not sure but my parents say 2nd Jeanuary 2007) and we can't bring the bitch along the same way they can't bring my beloved piano to Banting, so the dog has to go somewhere else, but where and to whom?
Therefore, I am putting up an offer here and now to all my friends - who wants to keep Baby??!!! No payment needed, just promise you will take good care of the beautiful bitch female dog that my sister named "Baby"!!!


Letitia said...

wow.. u seem to reli love ur dog... haha

Samuel K Lis said...

of cosssss... but i have to give it away and i don wanna give to my kampung auntie, which is the present situation... anyone want?? pls pls...