Sunday, December 16, 2007

Relief or Anguish?

Alas, d' Encounter 2007 has come to an end.
However, I don't feel any of the sadness or nostalgia that I used to feel the past 5 years of joining the youth camp. Actually, I feel kind of relieved that it is finally all over, and I can sit back and relax after the many, many weeks of stress and fretting as the CAMP COMMANDER. No matter what Jason Tan the White Chick says, I was still the CAMP COMMANDER throughout the planning and organizing of the camp, and so the ASSISTANT camp commander ASSISTED the CAMP COMMANDER by doing the checklist. And why the CAMP COMMANDER did not go around knocking on people's doors? Because the ASSISTANT and the ASSISTANT'S MOLEY ASSISTANT were still eating MAGGI CUP when I wanted to start the late night rounds, so they decided they would do it themselves later on.
There, I have justified my lack of activity during the camp. For pictures, visit here. (If you have pictures to share about the camp, please tell me immediately!!)

Anyways, I think the camp was a success and I feel that all the hard work from not just me but everyone in the committee paid off. Right here I just want to thank everyone who helped out in the making of d' Encounter 07:

- Wilson for procrastinating in the making of the worship team schedule doing an awesome job leading worship throughout the camp and for starting the d'Encounter trend two years ago, and for doing the night rounds and all that nonsense.
- Jason Tan the White Chick for assisting me, the CAMP COMMANDER and for supposedly co-leading on the first morning but I ended up leading dismally leading and doing the checklists and doing the knocking-on-doors for me. Thank you also for letting your feminine side out for a while and making me laugh until my stomach hurt...
- Anson for being so fierce and scary like a tiger managing and coordinating the camp so efficiently that I actually didn't have much to do...
- Myself for being such an amazing camp commander
- The food team who did an amazing job, as usual - Auntie Edna, Auntie Cynthia, Auntie Irene, Auntie Ivy, Auntie Jackie and all the other adults and college group people who put in their sweat and blood to feed us (physically) hungry people.
- the Chief usher, Lilian and your team of ushers for serving, from the collection of rubbish to the catching of slain people - may God bless you all so mightily for your hearts of servanthood.
- The treasurer, Grace Lee, for being so trustworthy, responsible and hardworking in keeping the money - may God bless you so abundantly!!
- the registration officers - Crystal, Priscilla and Grace for all your super-hard work, surely the Lord will reward you girls so richly!
- the Toilet King, Jason Lau and your team of cleaners (myself included... Xo), for working hard to clean up the church before the camp and after the rally. Oh and I also received a revelation from none other than Jason that I sleep-talk sleep-mumble!!
- the Games Committee - myself, Crystal, Grace and Priscilla who spent hours and hours thinking, discussing, planning and shopping. From what I heard, everyone enjoyed the games and the treasure hunt, is that right? We were glad (but tired out after that) that it was well worth it! Also the other youths who helped in the treasure hunt - Anders, Daniel C, Cordelia, Letitia, Gloria, Joseph, Aaron, Darren, Timothy, Lilian, Pauline, Florence, Caleb, Joanne, Jason L and Zhi En.
- Florence and all the other photographers who helped to capture the visible essence of the camp - I'm still waiting for the pictures and videos!!
- the EmBaCY Production Team including Joshua Wong of whom I miss for producing a spectacular promo that TOTALLY enticed everyone to join the camp!! XD
- Last year's Camp Commander Daniel Chong, who did a fantastic job in designing the camp registration form and for wasting half of my mousse to prank people.
- Gloria, Cordelia and Letitia for spending hours and hours making the name tags and decorating it to the finest of perfection... thank you!!!
- the singers and musicians who put in hours to pray, practice and prepare for the camp - Wilson, Crystal, Grace, Priscilla, Gloria, Anders, Chara, Jason T, Samson T x2 (Tan and Toh... =P), Darren, Caleb, Daniel C, Cordelia, Letitia, and myself.
- Uncle Mervyn, Uncle Kester and the many praying women ("the Aunties") for the support and fervent prayers that were so vital for the success of the camp.
- Everyone else I forgot to mention who did their part, whether small or big to make this camp a success that I think it is. God bless you guys for being faithful! Especially those who helped in arranging the chairs on the 13th afternoon in EBC and also keeping the chairs at the back in Dewan Kenyalang.
- All the campers for being a part of this amazing camp - what would the camp be without you all?!!
- the speakers for speaking the Word of God so powerfully and impacting our lives as well as praying for the youths - Pastor Mark Varughese and Pastor Jemima, Bro Bajau and wife, Uncle Mervyn and Auntie Edna, Uncle Kester and Auntie Jackie.
- And woe to me if I ever forget to thank GOD for sending down his AMAZING presence and FLAMIN' FIRE and touching each and every one of the campers in a whole new and special way. We prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed - every Saturday morning and Sunday night, at home and in youth - God is always faithful!! Thank God also for the good weather on the 14th that allowed us to have a full treasure hunt! I also did not get sick the whole camp (except for the sore throat on the first day and terrible flu on the day of the rally after shopping with the girls and being in Florence's heavily-perfumed car)

However, that's... just the "relief" part.
Now on to the "anguish"...
Anguish #1
My parents have made the final decision on our plans to move to Banting by the end of this month. Their decision shocked me to my very core - the moment of truth made me switch from after-camp mode to anticipation mode.
They have sold off our old car, my dad have gotten the transfer letter from my school - it has all been arranged and planned. They have booked tickets for themselves to fly to Banting from 19th to 24th December to find a house to rent and all that, so my sister and I will be home alone for that 5 or so days... (Moleman arr... you need to be our driver liao...)
There's no turning back, I think. I'll miss Kuching...
Anguish #2
I seem to have forgotten most of what I have learnt throughout the camp. I only remember the SOAP format of reading the Bible (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) and something about the power of two...
I think the theme was more of... living for Jesus and following Him every step of the way, like the way Pastor and wife met each other, etc. Also about hunger for the Word, the house of God and the presence of God. Build God's house and He will build your house!!... The rest is lost somewhere in my head...
This morning in church, Pastor Mark Varughese preached about 2 Kings 6 - something about praying for God to do the impossible, but we have to do the possible bits ourselves.
Anguish #3
My parents say I can't bring my beloved piano to Banting - oh nooo... I can't survive (almost) without my piano because I really, really need it to keep me company and to worship God in song, which is one of the ways I spend time with God... but anyway like my personal preacher (Ryner) said, don't complain like the Israelites but believe in God Adonai to provide an even better piano then the one at home... hehe!!

Somehow I feel the messages during the camp and this morning (and last week by Damien Chua) was SO for my family. It was mostly about following God's plan even if it all looks impossible and difficult... Banting????? I'll miss my friends - and Ryner will miss someone to "share his spiritual insights" to... hahaha, who'll be his next victim? Nathaniel Sia???


Letitia said...

u won't be here for christmas?!?!?

Samuel K Lis said...

no my parents will go there first to check things out.