Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Towel

This is a towel. But not just any towel. It was given to me so I won't forget my great friends in school - right, like as if I ever will - and for the purpose of wiping myself...

No way!!!! It has some of my classmate's signatures and wishes on it... can anyone imagine me drying my body with this precious towel? You bet I won't!! I'm not so sick to allow any one of these names to be in contact with certain places on my body that have never seen sunlight...!! I'll probably frame this up and hang somewhere, but I still do need a towel for the purpose of hygiene though. Hehe...

Towel-signing session

Me and Jeremy
(the positioning does not allow me to us correct English, sorry)

Some one my classmates at Hartz Chicken
Notice Ryner with the silly tie!! He seriously needs a fashion advisor larr

Some of my favourite tudungless Malay gals

The Blue Boys - from dark to light tones

The Pinks

The Reds

and the Women (and Man) In Black

I'll miss you guys and girls!!!
But I'm going to have a positive attitude going to Banting, what with new friends and new places, I will face with all the courage in the world and the strength of my Almighty God!!

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