Saturday, December 08, 2007


Finally, after months and months (actually less than one month only le...) of anticipation, ...
Hosanna is back!!!

Hosanna's coming back means a few things:
1. I am no longer lonely... I missed her!! I have been so ALONE especially in the holidays, now I have my darling Hosanna to be with me!! So I can talk to her non-stop about my girl problems, and she can be my vanity mirror... =P I would ask her everyday how I look, whether my hair nice or not... XD XD XD

2. She thinks the idea of moving to Banting is crazy, absurd and very strange indeed. She said that she laughed when she first heard of the idea, cos Banting to isolated and got nothing there at all... (Pastor Chris Long says otherwise) and if want to go also go PJ or something ma. (I think PJ means Petaling Jaya or Putra Jaya I'm not so sure) She says she would rather come back to Kuching everytime she has holidays, than a few minute's trip to the house in Banting. So now with her to argue against the Banting plans, maybe, just maybe we won't have to go??

3. While causing my parents to think twice, three times, more times about the move, she makes me think about going to Banting as a terrific opportunity. This is because... Hosanna says their youth are very friendly and lively. They even have "appreciation Sunday" when everyone gets a certificate or something, one by one!
Grace Family Sanctuary (or GFS as they call it) sounds really cool, what with Pastor Chris Long there and all that. (he's kind of busy most of the time though, so he is often away at Indonesia or Phillipines or Singapore or wherever)

Anyway, my dad is skeptical about the whole spiritual issue of the move. He thinks it's all foreign territory and a very risky move to take.
On the other hand, I am concerned that God is sending us to Banting for a special purpose, and like Damien Chua said the safest place to be is in the will of God for your life. (or something like that la) If don't obey God, then you're only asking for trouble... And maybe God wants our family to learn to trust Him in difficult times and trials, to make us stronger and build our faith?
Meanwhile, I must confess that I think my studies won't be that affected. I mean, while the getting-used-to may take a few weeks, my brain can function anywhere I am, like Hosanna said even if I am at the very corner of the world I can still do well... (trying to inflate my ego la that girl, but that's kind of true...)

I hope my parents are praying, I sure am. But pray, pray, pray but don't listen to God's voice also no use le... aih... I should stop obsessing about Banting liao. Camp is coming very, very soon. As in, very soon!!! In about 3 days time!!!
I need to be focused and not let this issue distract me.


Please take not that if I did not personally tell you about this issue, it is because I didn't intend to (at least not to non-relatives and church people) until it is CONFIRMED so please DO NOT BE ANGRY OR UPSET AT ME if you find out from this blog or from someone else!!!!!


SuMiSu said...

omg..hosanna put on weight la haha.. i miss u both so much =)))

Samuel K Lis said...

... miss u too...
HOw would u know she's put on weight just by picture??!!