Tuesday, December 04, 2007


A busy afternoon in Banting town

Banting's a nice, small town that is fast expanding, I think. I, and most people here in Kuching had NEVER known of its existence, until the famous (or infamous?) youth pastor, Pastor Chris Long came to town to make us laugh our heads off and be challenged.

Pastor Chris Long

So only through this guy have we ever heard of the town called Banting in Kuala Langat, Selangor. I visited the town once when my parents and I sent my sister Hosanna to Kolej Mara Banting sometime in the middle of the year. I even had an opportunity to go to Pastor Chris Long's church!! Many people were dying of envy because of that... haha!

Banting is nearer to KLIA than Kuala Lumpur is to the airport. And if I am to get a MARA scholarship in two year's time, (of which my family hopes very much for) I would probably be going there like my sister is now. But at present I am being presented a chance, a vague suggestion from my parents, to study there a bit sooner than expected.

You see, next year, my mom is going to be studying/doing research/something like that which will require her to travel to KL frequently, for 3 years of her study leave. She doesn't want our family to be separated, like when we all went to Australia 6 years ago for her Masters. So now, she is suggesting that we all move to KL or Banting next year so she can get a PhD (aka Permanent Head Damage) while being close to Hosanna and all that. Meanwhile I would study Form 5 somewhere in Banting or Putrajaya.

Although it's still a vague suggestion, I am anticipating a few changes in the next year. Either my mother will be flying to and fro frequently, or we will all fly and leave Kuching ... *Sob*

I'm not hoping it will come to past, seriously! But there are some sacrifices to make to be with family, no? I would so dearly miss my closest friends in class and EmBaCY youths!! I may DIE you know, without all my friends and support. Although it is JUST an idea, it is quite a big one, looming over me and threatening my peace and comfort. I have already taken roots here in Kuching, in my school, and in my church. I have grown too close to my friends to bear spending 3 years far, far away from them... It would be so, so, so, difficult for me to uproot myself... most of all, I would sorely miss the amazing tangible presence of God in our youth that all our past leaders have claimed to be hard to find anywhere else.
I also have a feeling that my church and youth will be having a hard time to find pianists since Wye Yi is going off to West Malaysia and I MAY be following. My studies MAY be affected, or it may not if I am able to cope with my new surroundings.
(come to think of it - the church and youth need my fingers, my service on the piano, don't they? But am I indispensable? Do they need me or just my hands?? ... just an insecure thought)

We're all praying about it, thinking about it, but I really, really hope that we can stay back at Cat city with all the beautiful people. But if my parents decide to leave, it's not like I have a choice, right? Would anyone miss me? I'll be so, so miserable...


SuMiSu said...

got a text frm ma today bout moving to Banting n all..was quite suprise bt i think it'l b quite a cool idea, dn u think?

Letitia said...

WHAT?!?!?!? i'm speechless..... =S

Samuel K Lis said...

... Dono borr... I will really really miss all my friends, the youth... sigh
dono if i will survive there. but the prospect of going to a new place .. is quite interesting. and going to ps chris long's church!!