Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wise Counsel

Job 12:13 says: "To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.

Joyce Meyer said:
"Pray about everything, don't stress about anything."
"As long as you trust God, have faith, and pray your way through things, whatever life throws at you cannot affect you!"

Another wise man said recently:
Wise man:If God lays down everything for you to follow then what's the point? (talking about leaving and going away) like Abraham, He just give you one thing to follow at a time, the rest will come. So if God really obviously send you to Banting, just go la... then you'd figure out what happens next, or rather He'd tell you what next.
Me: Not me la, my parents...
Wise man: Well like it or not, you go where your parents go. Do you have a choice? And by the way, God has this uncanny practice of raising up musicians from nowhere. If it's really God's plan to send you out do you really think He'd leave His church unequipped? (talking about my leaving as a pianist) God has this really cool way of making things work out all the time.

the "wise man"... again photo grabbed without permission...O.O

... I decided that I will not worry about all this moving thing. I think I'll just put it aside, and concentrate on the upcoming d' Encounter camp. After that... that I can start fretting. So to conclude this time of worrying, I think one part of me wants to go to Banting, to explore new things and places. The other part of me longs to stay back in my school, friends and youth, to not be shaken or experience discomfort.

So I guess that's about it for me - I go where God sends my family, and if my parents go then I obviously have to go. Thanks Josh!!

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