Tuesday, December 04, 2007


How fascinating that I did not see nor hear a drop of rain this whole day!!
But then again I was sleeping 5 hours the whole evening so I wouldn't know, would I? That's what's so fantastic about our weather - if it's raining and cold, you feel sleepy and if it's sunny and hot, you feel sleepy too... works either way, no? The same goes for the emo disease – cold weather makes you emo, hot weather makes you just as emo plus the irritableness. So what, then, is the perfect weather?

My perfect weather: Snow!!! (though I have never been anywhere near snow, I can imagine how it feels like!! XD)

Is snow as fantastic as it looks like? I mean, the biting coldness that chills the bones... or just a majestic sheet of white glory??? If only it snowed in Malaysia...

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