Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Haiyo Banyak-Banyak Sejarah

My family and I went for a two-night trip to the newly-crowned 'World Heritage Site' by the UNESCO - Melaka - from Saturday to Monday. It was a LOT of History, mind you, I should have come in Form 1 because it was like revisiting the Form 1 textbook!

My father says this is THE Melaka tree. I mean, not as in THE ONE Parameswara rested on but it is THE tree that caused all the brouhaha...

There was this amazing woman at Jonker Walk who was writing beautiful Chinese calligraphy with just a stump for a hand! It goes to show how much you can achieve even with handicap, if you work hard!

For some reason, all of us except my dad were wearing black on Saturday. Hmm... XD
Anyway that's it for Melaka; the rest of the holidays will be pretty hard work for me. See ya around!

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