Monday, August 11, 2008

More S.I.P

*ouch ouch ouch*
My knee hurts... hereby classified Self-Inflicted Pain.

Yesterday morning (10th August) my family went, along with many families from GFS Banting to the Wet World at Pedas. I have no idea where Pedas is, so don't bother asking. Xo

The trip was to baptise some people from English and Tamil congregation, 11 people altogether. Some of them had really cool testimonies, one of them was a young woman born in a [senstivie issue] family but managed to pull through, and another a [sensitive issue]-hater but changed to be a loving young lady.

They were baptised in a lovely pool at the center, with patrons of other races and religions like [sensitive issue; must menjaga keharmonian antara kaum you know!! (first cabaran in Wawasan 2020...)] looking on. After that, it was fun-time!! My friend Daniel Choon and I went on a ride (he did most of the swimming) on a float around the area in the swim-able man-made river and tried the slides. It was so scary yet so fun! The float seemed to be on the verge of flying off the slide every time it turned a sharp corner! I did the slides so many times I can hardly count! Oh and the hot spring, which is what Pedas is supposedly famous for, is so darn hot that I wouln't go back any time soon. Seriously "pedas"!! (pun intended)

Unfortunately I scratched both my knees and feet because the floor of the pools were really rough. And I slept through most of yesterday evening. But I had fun, I got to know many of the BM and Tamil church people (as in, I know they exist but I have no idea what their names are...) and I got lots of much-needed exercise and stress-release.

[by the way I don't really know how to put the pictures in Facebook, so only here ya? Not that many pics also anyway...]

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