Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Failed

On Friday, my Sejarah teacher Pn Umadevi, of whom I respect very much because she is one of the only teachers in MES who actually put in any effort to teach, said something that really bruised my pride.

You see, I, as the Ketu Kelas, am in charge of things like carrying books to and fro the class and staffroom. So, Pn Umadevi entrusted to me the task to bring Sejarah latihan books to class, to count and return them to her after class (we were not allowed to bring home). However, it was found a few days ago that three books were missing. One was returned a week later by my friend, the other two missing.

So on Friday she called me to her desk to speak to me. She told me she was disappointed with the class because she trusted us, and she was disappointed in me for not doing my task well. She said, "You failed as a Ketua Kelas lah," and other things. Ouch.

But later she kind of made amends when she told the whole class the whole story. She said (to the class), "I don't blame Samuel also because he trusted you all like I did. But now the responsibility is upon me as well as Samuel..."

But in a way I may have failed. I did count the last time, but there was many many times before last week when we also used the books but she did not mention to count the books so I did not. I do not know if it is my fault, but right now I am kind of to blame. If the two books are not found by this coming Friday I will have to fork out money from the class fund to try to find the latihan book in bookstores.

So, if you are reading this and you are from my class and you took the books, please return them, anonymously if you wish.

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