Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Have Been Violated!!

[This was written on the 1st of July 2008, a fateful Tuesday during which my face boiled with shame and anger at the evil deeds of a certain man... these were the thoughts rushing through my head and later my beloved g-soft pen...]

So many expletives are fighting to find their way out of my mouth and hands, but oh I will keep them for another day for I would most rather like to keep my cuss level to the minimum. But oh the agony and the shameful hurt of my ego and my ass!!

You see, this morning I have been mercilessly and inhumanly violated of my rights as a student and as a child. By who? The infamous discipline teacher, Mr. Super-Ladies'-Lingerie! (I must refrain from speaking his utterly disgraceful name to avoid being disgraced myself and inflict further torture upon my being) Here is what happened:

I was happily walking to the school canteen during recess when I saw my friend Tejhpal Singh standing at the side. So, naturally I went up to him and greeted him. Then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw THE MAN walking to me, and before I could jump away, he performed an acrobatic stunt and swiped his long cane across my butt. Whack goes the cane. First I was stunned. Then... "DON'T DISTURB PREFECT!" and he walked off. I was jumping about holding my ass, and then I saw my other friends looking at me sympathetically. I had never felt so much hatred. Almost. Well, well, I've done my fair share of hating.

Tell, me, WHY am I not allowed to speak to my friend, a fellow student? What could possibly happen that may distract him so much that a fight ensues? Have I no right to speak to a friend? Where is the kebebasan bersuara in this school?
And why in front of the whole canteen? With friends and strangers witnessing the spectacular leap of evil bruising my already deflated ego?

Agh, I know my ass is very nice to hit, but why couldn't that... that... paedophile control himself?! By golly, my friends, eyewitnesses and all, told me that his face was glowing with the (usual) look of evil contempt, a fearsome expression of sinister satisfaction! I tell you, he's a murderer or a Anwar stand-in in the the making! (I also heard rumours that he apparently cheated his colleagues of money in a tuition business!! And reference to the troubled former deputy PM is only figurative. I am convinced that the latter is innocent. So there.)

But oh, I must not let this affect me. Noooo. I have to forgive and forget... So, I hereby declare that I shall forgive. And forget.

Yeah right.


Lilian Lee said...

Pity you that's all.
Poor thing (ahahaha) Sorry laughing behind your back... AHHAHAHA!

Samuel Kana Lis said...

.... O.O
But anyway a few more months and i ciao