Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reuse Reduce Recycle!!

Today my mom and I took recycling to a whole new meaning - for us anyway. We cut up a 2007 calendar with really nice pictures and put them on a cardboard and wrapped with plastic, all recycled!!

Remember my monumental moment? Well there were so many little rubbish left behind, and my mom had the grand idea to save them for future use...

First I had to cut up all the calendars. Then paste them on the cardboard box. And cut them out. So darn hard to cut you know!!

The plastic was wrinkled and impossible to handle - then some of my sister's friends who are bunking in for the weeekend had a brainstorm and suggested we pull and stretch it to smoothen it out. Genius!! (Of course, they from MARA college ba, all super geniuses with straight A1's... hehe!)

The end result:

So there you have it, we have done our bit for the environment! XD And made some nice posters to decorate our home and remind us about Bible verses. Ah, talk about killing three birds with one simple stone!!

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