Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Monumental Ocassion

It was the moment we have ALL been waiting for: The arrival of the forwarding company bringing our personal effects from Kuching to Banting. This included, of course, my darling PIANO!!!

First of all they unloaded all the items ranging from bookstands to pots and pans to beds and fans. I don't know why they just had to save the best for last.

After many large and small items have been brought in, the workers began the formidable task of unloading the crate containing the precious piano...

That done, begins the unwrapping of the long-lost piano now returning to meeeeeee...

The piano... unveiled!!

Last but not least... bringing the piano into its new home for a few months or years. The place where it will produce heavenly music that calms my soul or songs of angst that releases my built-up stress. Come to think of it, it has been pretty damn long since I played the piano so I've been feeling stressed lately. But not anymore!!!

The piano in all its splendour - no decorations, no flowers, just the piano. Pure blissssss.

My euphoric moment of touching, feeling, sensing the piano. Thank you God!!! I feel faint with joy... *runs off the let my fingers run on the beautiful piano for a few hours*


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