Sunday, June 08, 2008

End of Holidays




Holidays have ended after 2 weeks of bliss. Pure bliss.
Can you believe it? I did NO STUDY AT ALL during the whole holidays!! That is, except a lil' bit of Add Maths exercise but that was it!! It was total relaxation, meeting with friends, enjoying myself watching French Open 2008 and all that... wooooohooooo!!!

Sadly all good things must eventually come to an end. I have just arrived in KL, but we were held back at the airport because my sister's baggage got lost. Omg omg!! What a stressful way to end the holidays. So we had to go all around the airport looking for our baggage in case someone mistook it and officials were running to and fro and all the ang-mos and cute korean girls were looking bewildered at all the commotion... actually, not really. All we did was sit around and wait for the second flight from Kuching to arrive... and there it was!! Thank God!!

Now I am in Banting, with wireless Streamyx (yesssss!!!) but... it's not Kuching. I feel strongly that my home is still in the Cat-city. Frankly, I was quite sad to leave Kuching, because my long-time friends are there, my youth and church is there, and my *erhem* is there... But nevertheless I am here in Banting, and I know God has put me here for reasons that I have realized and some that I have not.

School is starting tomorrow, and I shall have to switch on to full study gear, no more relaxation anymore. SPM is 5 months away, can you believe it?!! No more playing my dear, no more blogging. Not too much anyway, I do need some fun, no? Exam results will be out, matriculations applications coming up... busy busy busy busy...


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