Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

My friend, Hoi Yen or called Ai-Ran by most, said something that made me realize how privileged I am. During Sejarah lesson, we were learning about the Perlembagaan (constitution) of Malaysia that states that we as Bumiputeras have special rights in economy, education and things like that, this having been agreed with by the past non-Bumi leaders to exchange with the rights to citizenship.

My friend said that I am very lucky because I have both religious freedom (unlike Malays) and special rights as an Iban (unlike Chinese and Indians). I can have any religion I want as well as enjoy benefits like banking, business, scholarships and such things.

However many of my race's people take this for granted, and so we see so many who have a lackadasical attitude towards their future. Most do not bother too much about their studies. But the Chinese and Indians are a different matter. They are competitive, hardworking, smart on their feet - they need to be, because our Constitution is made in such and such a way.

As for me, I have a bit of both! Chinese mentality, Iban privileges - I'll have to work hard to make good use of them!

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