Sunday, September 28, 2008


There's something about Chemistry that intrigues and fascinates me. Something that Larry Nyanti wrote some time ago was just what I've been thinking, but in a more love-related way.

Chemistry speaks a lot about life more than I imagine. It is like an analogy of life:

We as humans are incomplete, unstable and basically weak. Our melting and boiling points are low so we melt easily and get angry easily. There's something missing or there are some things we need to rid ourselves of like bad habits and negative thinking. Sometimes we need to let go of these things (donate electron) to become more complete, or combine with other people (form ionic/covalent bonds) to receive love and friendship and all that.
Covalent bonds = friendship; ionic bonds = love.
When you form a covalent bond, you are sharing your life with someone (sharing electrons); when you form an ionic bond, you donate a piece of yourself or receive a piece of someone's life, and both are made complete!!
*Ionic bond = strongest bond!!

Another analogy that I like is about displacement reactions. A more reactive (electropositive) metal will displace a less reactive metal in an ionic compound, or a more electronegative element displacing a less electronegative. So the stronger one will take over the weaker one. It's like other bigger bullies trying to steal from the weaker ones. The more reactive someone is, the more popular, smart or good-looking they are. But when they get too dependent on it, they become too reactive that they can't live on their own, whereas weaker elements can form diatomic molecules on its own. And beware - the higher up you are, the easier to combine with CO2 to form oxide and C. You get mixed with the wrong crowd?

Magnesium + Zinc Chloride --> Magnesium Chloride + Zinc
Chlorine + Potassium Iodide --> Potassium chloride + Iodine
Magnesium + Carbon dioxide --> Magnesium oxide + Carbon
[Hmmm could this be a way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? ...]

Put Magnesium (Mg) and Iron (Fe) together in water and magnesium will corrode. It's not good being more reactive in the end. But when Zinc (Zn) encloses Iron (Fe) then both are protected from corrosion or rusting. It's like how friends protect and complement each other because they can't stand on their own. We all need friends to support us.

Did you know that if you were to give something to somebody, you lose that something? Love is all about sacrifice, isn't it? Give your time, you lose it. "Oxidize" someone, and you are "reduced". So, why not be an "oxidizing agent" to someone? Lift up others' spirits (oxidation number)! Life is a redox reaction - it's a give and take thing.

Do you know how carboxylic acids e.g. ethanoic acid and alcohol e.g. ethanol combine to form esters e.g. ethyl ethanoate? Do you realize how both which are somewhat destructive can form something so amazingly sweet-smelling? It can only happen by adding concentrated sulphuric acid and reflux - that is, the Holy Spirit.

Last but not least - sometimes soap cannot clean everything. Sometimes you need detergent - Jesus' blood - and other things like enzymes and brighteners - Holy Spirit - to really clean you up and make you new!!


[If you are younger than 16, I'm sorry if you have not a clue what I'm talking about! You'll learn in Form 4 and 5...]


The Skatemusicianer said...

Amen! : ))))

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Nice song! Where'd you get it? Haha.

Samuel Kana Lis said...

song? you mean the SPM song? I wrote and sang it lahhhh