Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Great -Croak- Massacre


This post is not for the faint-hearted. I stress this very clearly, if you are not an aspiring surgeon, or you have haemophobia or ranidaphobia, or you scream at the sight of a puny little ant crossing your path... this is NOT for you.

Anyway, to get on with proceedings, today my class 5 Newton joined forces with 5 Pasteur to finish what the Egyptians failed to complete during one of the plagues caused by Moses - the plague of the frogs! Therefore, we killed frogs. Many frogs. Many, many frogs. Mercilessly. Sliced them up. Alive. Muahahaha....


Pictures that may cause you to lose your meal are coming right up.
Meanwhile, did you know frogs breathe through their lungs AND their skin?
Did you know frogs have an incomplete circulatory system, because oxygenated and deoxygenated blood mix in their heart.

With all that in mind, I shall start my tale of the great frog massacre...

First of all, we need frogs, yes? They come in many sizes - big, small, tiny, medium, and... humongous. Like the ones below.

And the tiniest but cutest of them all...
[No one had the heart to dissect them]

Next comes the anaesthetizing process which puts the frogs into deep, deep sleep for 10 minutes... actually, they never wake up. Hah.

Using chloroform as anaesthesia. Smells really bad.
[by the way that is Mr. Chia, one of my favourite teachers in this school]

And then, the operation begins. The massacre breaks loose. Frogs go to frog heaven. None of the girls thought of kissing the frogs, just in case one of them was a prince. Only one thought in our minds - exterminate the green little things!! [Hmm.. our group's was black. We're racists]

Oh yeah, may I remind you again? The following pictures are rather... upsetting. Don't blame me if you cannot eat meat for the rest of your life or you have nightmares of monster froggensteins chasing you - I wash my hands off their blood, so to speak.

Sonia: Yeah, pin them down. Stick those pins into its hands, yeah, like the Roman soldiers did to mah Jesus!!

Yeah, she just looooooves stretching those limbs.
Helps to warm up, ya know.
[Oh, and it's still ALIVE]

And it even wears a brassiere.

Again, forgive me for the tooo graphic images.

Oh yeah, this guy, Pin had the great idea to see if there's a prince behind the little froggy. Then he realizes...
He's a guy.

More graphics? Yeah, you saw that right.
It's an eye.

Yup,That's the said eye.

And the heart(s)... were still beating. So it's true, what the seniors have said. I have proof!! Videos on Youtube:

Operation Frogger
Heart pumping

I think that should be more than enough to make you lose your appetite. I've lost mine. You know what I think? We should call the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This is definitely cruelty. Exploitation, I tell you!

I'll never think of frogs the same way again. *croak*


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