Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magic Pen

This looks like any other pen, doesn't it? Produced by Oxford Fajar, nice thick blue ink and just a tad heavyweight. But do not be fooled. This is a very cool gadget, not unlike one from James Bond.

Ohmygod it opens! It's not just a normal pen after all... What is it? What is it? Oohh, I can't stand the suspense.

Oh my oh my it's a cheating pen!! Oh dear how did it get into my hands. I don't think it's in production for marketing though, my dad got it in some teaching course. Heh heh.

I dared not bring it to school, though, because it is highly suspicious... I'm such a good boy that I wouldn't cheat, eh? Besides, it would have been quite useless as most of the formulas are given in front of the Add Maths paper ayway. In addition, both Maths and Add Maths have been kind to me for SPM, I should not worry too much.

Good luck for Chemistry, Bio and Physics!

[In case you didn't notice, the background is my Sejarah notes and tips, heheh, just to remind me of the pain and suffering I went through for Sejarah...]


she3p said... pen!
hmmm...1 more week to go right??

Samuel K Lis said...

yep. 3 more days of wearing white school shoes. =)