Friday, October 31, 2008


Wow, SPM is drawing near - very, very near. 10 more days even as I speak.
Very soon my life as a secondary school student will be over. I will no longer wear this stupid white uniform, green pants and tie. I will no longer lug my heavyweight schoolbag to school, wake up at the dead of the dawn to bathe and eat breakfast nor stand in stupid assemblies under the scorching sun.

Frankly speaking, it's a bitter-sweet feeling. It's sweet, of course, to be finally free of government exams, text books and all that. No more school, oh yeah! But hey, I'll miss my classmates. I'm sad that 12 years of school life will be over. It's a whole new world out there that I don't really know because I've been under the shelter of school. Beyond these years, true friends are hard to find. People will start walking in and out of your life, there ain't no one you can really stick to.

OK I'm being over-dramtically melancholic, so should I just say... I can't wait for SPM to be over!! In actual fact, I can't wait for it to COME. I actually can't wait to sit for SPM to the fullest - to feel every tense nerve pop, and experience the stress, trauma and sensation of sitting for the ultimate exam of your life - no, not really.

Did you know there will be many other exams to come? SPM is not the final exam, and it is definitely not the hardest - that is if you're aiming for more. I know my sisters studying Medicine are struggling through really tough exams, every year! This make me wonder why we study so hard to sit for such difficult exams like SPM, only to study even harder and sit for even tougher exams later on. But at the end of the the day, your success is directly proportional to how the harder exams that you sit for. True or false? Not really, but like a MES alumni at Canada once told us, "The better your results, the more options you will have".

In conclusion, I can't wait for 11th November to come, but I am dreading 27th because that... will be the end. No more Form 5. No more school. I think I'll miss it.

[All the above is said assuming that I do not go up to Form 6, which I really hope I do not do...]

But now I'm still Form 5. I'm still sitting for SPM. Can I shut up and get back studying?


she3p said...

1st Paragraph: All may be true except for waking up early at dawn and eat breakfast....cos u might just get that during college or even for work..depending on ur circumstances. U'd be surprise, two weeks ago, I could have been waking up earlier than any students.

U'd be surprise some of ur best friends in life doesn't come from the pool of school friends. :)

The difficulty of the exams- very subjective, depending on the individual and the types of papers that they take..but nothing's easy after School least for me...

and one more note though......
getting good results are important. To score with flying colours, that's a bonus, also essential.
But remember this, it's not the means to an end or means to success.

just a thought...ok..i feel so old now..darn!

Samuel Kana Lis said...

hahaha.. no you're not old, just mroe experienced than most youngsters. =)

Oh dear, do you have to wake up early too? and sit for darned hard exams too? And I thought Form 5 was hard... *sob*