Saturday, October 11, 2008

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan

When I read an article in the newspaper about Shah Rukh Khan going to get a Datukship from the Sultan of Melaka, I was like, "What??!" Since when does Malaysia give out titles to famous people?"
Then my dad explained that sometimes the country wants to honour foreigners for their achievements and contributions albeit tiny and insignificant to the recepients. What did Datuk-to-be Shah Rukh Khan do? He acted in a movie which was filmed in Malaysia, thus "contributing to our film industry". Wow, Malaysia must be so unknown that they treasure a film that promoted the country ever so slightly...

[I looked up all the movies Shah Rukh Khan made, so the movie in Malaysia would probably be "Don - The Chase Begins Again" which was filmed 80% in Malaysia, that is, around Pulau Langkawi, Petronas Twin Towers and Jalan Masjid India.]

Ha. Ha. Ha.
Does the guy want the title? Does he even know what it means? I'd bet he's going to find a Malay-English dictionary and go "What? Why my title is grandfather? Am I that old? What... [expletives]"
Hold on... does he even know where MALAYSIA is?!

"Who? Where? You mean in Africa right?"

If I, a Malaysian were to get knighthood from Britain and become "Sir Samuel Kana", that would be cool, but this is a super famous actor getting a title from a country lacking in famous actors. Imagine, say, Amber Chia getting a title from Somalia or somewhere. Right, that'll so weird.

I mean, Shah Rukh Khan's not even a Malaysian... *sigh*, they just have too many awards to give.


she3p said...

oh 'honoured'.......gosh....get a seriously...!

Samuel Kana Lis said...

right. whatever.

nurain said...

hye samuel..thanks 4 visiting my blog.

btw..i love this entry..u noe just sick of artist being giving the dato' title..isnt it just so cheap..i bet one day the dato' title can be bought by anybody..

it doesnt mean that i dun appreciate them for the "great" contribution to Malaysia..but isnt it supposed to be another title..or award..hmm..