Thursday, October 16, 2008

Musicians Are Emo?

Musicians are Emo: True or False?

According to a survey I did over the past few months, I have decided that the answer is TRUE. I sent an email to many friends who are musicians as well as some non-musicians. Sadly, I only received about 20 or so respondents, but the results show clearly that musicians who deem themselves musicians are quite emo.

From my respondents who are musically inclined, about 60% play the piano. 70% play two or more instruments. When answering the question "Do you consider yourself emo?", almost all answered "yes". As for those who answered "No", I know them personally so I can safely say that they actually are emotional but refuse to admit it.

[I don't think there's anything wrong with being emotional, is there?]

Most say they are perfectionists, and 70% say they will get a new piece of paper if they find a spot on a previous one. Most say they have a majority of black clothes. Some have mostly white clothes.

Musicians are generally emo. Hypothesis accepted. Unfortunately the survey is far from complete because of the lack of respondents and the small range of people to study, so the whole experiment fails. Damn.

Anyway, musicians are emo. But are people who are emo all musicians? Not at all. Are there people who are NOT emo? I think at this teenage-transition-to-young-adult phase, most teenagers at some point, if not all the time, tend to be a bit unstable emotionally as their moods fluctuate like the US stock market. They [yours truly included?] have frequent mood swings, they can be happy and sad in a few seconds' difference, and get irritated easily. They also respond to moody songs like "Come Home" and "Against All Odds".

But like I said, it's not wrong to be emo. But once someone gets emo, people around them tend to get emo as well. It's infectious.

[Note: All the above is Samuel Kana's opinion, and as the saying goes, "Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one," you can differ anytime you want.XD]

*EDIT: Shall I rephrase myself?
Musicians tend to be emo because they are expressive. People who are emo tend to like music because it expresses.
Aggghh whatever.

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usws said...

Maybe you just have lots of EMO friends. Who are musicians. Remember the crazy happy ones that everyone loves to hate!

p.s. Love your SPM song by the way. Is there a tune to it?