Friday, February 13, 2009

Planetshakers @ Kuching

Planetshakers came to Kuching tonight! The original Melbourne band! Actually, I only recognized Henry Seeley, the rest were maybe not original? But Henry Seeley is good enough for me!

The music was super-loud, which suits me just fine. Sound quality not top of the cream but there were extra speakers everywhere which makes everything so bassy that my whole body vibrates with the bass. The place was not so packed unlike the last time I went (I couldn't even sit during the preaching!) but it was quite full. My only complaint is that my voice just decided to desert me even before the band came out! By "voice", I mean my normal cheering voice. It was like my falsetto range was cut to the top and bottom notes. So if I tried to cheer it either sounded like a shrill squeak or a boo. So I just went with shouting normally. *sigh* Anyway, as Planetshakers songs go, most notes were too high so I was screaming most of the time. Consequence: I have no voice now.

Unfortunately, no pictures from me, because I was too lazy to bring my camera. From past experiences, it would be so inconvenient to bring even a bottle (as Ryner Lai always does) so a valuable item would make for less fun and more worry. So there. I bought the Beautiful Saviour CD which was autographed by the whole band! Awesome yeah?


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hehe it was not cool lah, it was hot cos so many people... all the sweat...