Friday, February 13, 2009


I have recently watched two beautiful movies: WALL-E and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

WALL-E was thoughtful and futuristic. The way WALL-E (the robot) moved, squeaked and showed its thought and feelings were so cute and charming! It was kind of scary to see how the movie pictured the future earth that is so polluted until it is uninhabitable and cannot sustain life. Humans went to live on some giant spaceship and got so fat after hundreds of years of convenience with robots, until they almost cannot walk on their own... I know some people thought it was boring, but I liked it!

Ahh, the long-awaited movie that took so amazingly long to come to Kuching cinemas! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did not disappoint me, no no no! Although I missed the first ten minutes or so of the lengthy movie because of transportation along with friends Bernard and Ryner, the story was so beautiful! Of course, some things didn't really make sense, like [spoiler alert!] how actually the guy grows up in height and size but then grows younger elsewhere... my friend hypothesized that maybe if you survived that long your body goes through some kind of negative growth? In estimation he grew until 85 years old, so maybe not. Hmmph. I also wondered why, why, just WHY DID HE LEAVE HER... [oops] But anyway Brad Pitt's acting was awesome, the adopted mother's acting was awesome, I didn't like Cate Blanchett [I have never liked her since watching Babel because she looks annoying in pain but oh well], and super cool visual effects. I mean, with so many Oscar nominations, you wouldn't expect anything less than awesome, right?

Must watch! I'm so glad I have no school these few months... Heheee!! XD


Greynovember said...

lesson #1

no movie spoilers pls.

Jonathan said...

Sorry I didn't go Sam. I feel super anti-social for the past week. Call me up if ur going out again. Hopefully this phase would pass by then = D

Samuel K Lis said...

grey: heheheee sorry! i didnt say that much right.. besides the newspaper is spoiler enough...

jon: ok!! Ur not going back anytime soon rite?

she3p said...

mati..i'd pretend i didnt read any of these..I HATE U!

but i've been overly deprived of movies lately...i dont even rememebr the last movie i watched...ughh!