Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving Law

Somehow the lack of wireless internet in my house makes good news seem so dull.

I passed my driving law test yesterday!! I got 48 out of 50. I was so worried that I would fail, but in the end it was quite simple, more or less all the questions were from the 500-question book. Anyway, I'm this close to touching the steering wheel! This Saturday I will be doing the bengkel thing, then after that I will get my L license, then after that I will start learning the real thing, then after that... Oohh I can't wait!!

Meanwhile, yesterday my friend from Banting, Matthew Lee and his family flew to Kuching for a one-week holiday. So my family will be bringing them around in our big but warm green van that can fit as much as 12 people in one sitting, like how some of the EmBaCY folks found out on Sunday. But the kids are bored - no Astro, no wireless Internet. Nothing but fruit trees and insects to keep us company. *sob*


Greynovember said...

huhu, good luck when you are driving.

Samuel K Lis said...

ok thanks, pray i don kena accident... *touch wood*

she3p said...

yay! Congrats...enjoy the choking part...:P

Samuel K Lis said...

choking? choking??