Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve been addicted to many things before, most of which was harmless, I hope.

During my lower secondary years between Form 1 to Form 3, I was addicted to an online pet site called Neopets. I tell you, every day I came home from school I would turn on the computer, with dial-up connection, and play Neopets until my eyes stung and my mom came home from work. Every time I had nothing to do in school I would take out a paper and plan how I would organize my pets and how I would earn more NeoPoints. Every year would earn millions of NeoPoints, then I would quit and give everything away after the end-of-year youth camp, only to start again the next year, because I just couldn’t let go. But somewhere at the beginning of Form 4 I began to get bored, so I just let my multiple accounts die off. The end of Neopets for me. Come to think of it, it was a horrible waste of my time. The only things I learnt were a bit of money management skills, investments, patience while waiting for games to load (dial-up connection okay!) and the word “dessicate” which eventually came out in English for Science and Technology during SPM.

I was also addicted to Pokemon games at some time in my younger days. During primary school years I loved to play Pokemon Blue and Yellow. Then I would play Pokemon Gold in primary 6. Then I started Pokemon Crystal for a long time. Then Pokemon FireRed. Finally, Pokemon Sapphire last year. However, this was not as severe as Neopets, because I just played because I was constantly bored.

I was once addicted to writing. I don’t think I realized it at that time, but now that I think about it, between Form 1 and beginning of Form 5, I was addicted to writing in my diaries. (Yes, I keep diaries. Is there a problem?!!) I was always uncomfortable and restless as long as I haven’t wrote in my diary for that day. I would always “report” to my diary for daily events and happenings. But during Form 5, I got too busy to write, and blogging became the in-thing, so I only write in my diary for big occasions that I don’t want to forget later in life.

I’ve also been slightly addicted to sour plum flavoured ice cream in primary school. I also ate so much gummy bears and worms that I got so sick many years ago, but I still love gummy things anyway [*hint hint*]. I think I got slightly addicted to tennis last year because I was fidgeting all the time and thinking about playing or watching tennis. How about blogging? Am I getting too attached? I hope not.

But now everything seems a bore and a chore when I come to think of my new addiction. When you’re hungry, you don’t think about other things. What you run to defines you. I’m running to God. Now, I’m addicted to the presence of God.


she3p said...

ur last addiction is like the best addiction..EVER!

Samuel K Lis said...

yeap dats right!! thats wat pastor daniel chua from cornerstone singapore said: we must must must be addicted to God's presence everyday!!