Sunday, December 07, 2008


[I only managed to find Internet after 4 days in Kuching…]

Just when I thought study was all over for me, suddenly I have to start turning on my brain again – this time what I have to learn will actually be marginally important for the rest of my life!!

Yesterday I began my quest for a little bit more convenience, mobility and independence by registering for a 5-hour long lecture on driving and safety and traffic laws. Then we were given a book to memorize for the law test. I thought I would let my tired brain hibernate for a few months, but study will never end to haunt me…

Anyhow I can’t wait to start driving. I have never tried driving illegally because my parents would pulverize me if I ever did. So, I’m not sure if it would be difficult or I would be quick to learn how to coordinate my limbs. What if I kena accident? In the lecture yesterday we watched videos of accidents everywhere and anywhere. It seems like any small mistake or wrong turn or lack of concentration for a few seconds may cost you your life.

Do I really want to drive that much? Of course.

By the way I love Kuching!! I didn’t realize actually how much I missed it. It feels quaint, a far cry from the busy-ness of KL. Banting may be small but it is teeming with lorries and big buses, which makes it quite noisy and dusty. Kuching is also so much cleaner.

But besides that, there’s just something about Kuching that I feel right to call my home. Although right now I don’t have some conveniences like wireless internet, Astro or my comfy comforter, but this is my home. I spent about 8 years of my life in Kuching, from 8 years old until 16 years old, which is when life really begins for any kid. This was where I really grew up, made true friendships, had my first crushes and made my first and biggest blunders. This was where I found my identity in myself as well as in my Friend and Father.

[Note note note this was typed on Sunday but only Monday boleh post... *sob*]


she3p said...

driving lessons...sounds like fun.....ooh..didnt know they start showing videos of accidents..hmmm..weird.. safely...but then again...listen to ur instructors....driving is fun....but minor knocks here and there..are most of the time unavoidable...esp when u just started off driving...HERE IT FROM ME! my heart almost stopped when my QUEEN knocked on a curb two weeks ago...:('s fun. Enjoy your driving chokes...:P

Samuel K Lis said...

hows the queen? lol
i dunno if i'll b as terrible as my sisters were in driving!!