Friday, October 30, 2009

My Manifesto

My name is Samuel Kana Anak Lis. I am an Iban from Kuching, Sarawak. There are a lot of things that I am passionate about, among them are tennis, music, and arts.

Life without dreams is dead, and life without passion is meaningless.

I dream of becoming a doctor, and I am well on my way. But at this present moment, the most pressing dream in my mind and heart is being part of the elite group of students who will take up the challenge of creating change in this college, and now I am one step closer to realising this dream.

I’m sure that most of you are here, if not to give me support, then to hear what I have to say about why you should elect me. There are many things that I wish I can say that I could provide you with, but I can’t tell you that I can give you all the comforts that the world can offer, because truthfully it would all be empty promises. But you know, anything is possible if we set our minds to it. But not everything is beneficial, so do remember that you’re here not just to enjoy life but to study hard and be able to go overseas.

What I can do is to push for more nutritious food from the Dewan Selera, because we all know that food is essential for our survival and success in this college. In fact, I would want all of us to have a say by later choosing the type of food that we like and don’t like, so that we can suggest to the DS people what we would prefer.

Would you agree if I said that not all our scientific equipments in the labs are top-quality or up to standard? How many times are you lucky to enough to get a microscope that has all the lenses functioning? I will make sure the college administration know about this problem and solve it so that we can all benefit from the best scientific equipment.

I often wish that the library would open on weekends, such as today when I might have needed to look up some information about, say, the haemocytometer in the library, but it’s not open! Of course there’s the Internet, but it’s hard to trust the information that is available for free on the Internet. If there is any Internet available at all. Thus I am going to petition for the library to open on weekends as well. Hard to do, but not impossible.

With so much room for improvement everywhere, there are so many more things we as the MPP team would be able to accomplish, and that’s why I need your vote. Nothing will come easily, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan.

What you are looking for is what I can bring to the MPP team if I were to be elected. I have creativity and an imagination that can be channelled to making this college a better place to stay and to study in. I am ready and able to work with other people I may not know, and with the college admin. I believe that I can be a dynamic addition to the MPP team with my fun spirit but serious attitude, and all these creative ideas that I am able to generate.

I believe that being a leader is having the confidence and intellectual security that you can listen to advice without having to prove that you’re the smartest person in the room. That’s humility. I believe I can make a difference with my commitment to improvement and excellence.

Saya mungkin tidak sama seperti kamu. Saya tidak bercakap seperti kebanyakan kamu, tetapi saya merupakan salah seorang daripada kamu. Saya mahu mewakili bukan sahaja pelajar bukan Melayu tetapi semua orang yang inginkan seorang wakil yang berwawasan dan bertanggungjawab.

If you would allow me to represent you, believe me, I will not keep silent. I am here not for the glory or glamour, nor am I here to have more things to say in my personal statement. I am here because I believe there is a need for me to amplify your voice with mine. How can I do this? I can listen to you and speak out for you when you need to be heard.

I realized that if you all elect me to be in the MPP, there will be a lot of work, a lot of time and energy put in. But I am fully prepared for that, because I know how to manage my time and get things done with optimum speed and efficiency, like I have done in the choirs and youth camps that I have led. I am committed to fight for YOU.

I am prepared to be responsible and to take the blame for mistakes. I will do my very best, and when I have nothing left in me, I will still continue to work for you, with all the strength and willpower that I have – but I need your support, because no one, not a single one of you is insignificant. Why would I do all this? Because I believe that it is worth it to serve you, and to do all I can for this awesome college.

I will close with my life principle, that is, life is either a daring adventure... or nothing. This, my friends, is a very daring adventure that I have begun and will bring to completion.

Thank you.

My throng of supporters

My political advisor and counsel

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