Sunday, April 11, 2010

How To Survive At JPAM Camp A Little Better Than I Did

by Samuel K Lis

I was in the first batch of JPAM camp, which was arduous but interesting. If you’re spoilt you may want to steel your nerves and ready yourself for quite a good deal of discomfort, pain and tiredness. But for those adventurous kids out there, you’re in the right place! Here are some of the things you should bring, which I wished I did, to make your two-day stay at Kem Alim a little bit more comfortable.

1. More than one pair of shoes and socks. If it rains, your shoes will get wet, and walking around in wet shoes and socks is very not comfortable nor hygienic. Socks get smelly really fast, so bring more.

2. Lots and lots of shirts, shorts, etc. Unless you’re like Pa’an who pretty much wore the same shirt the whole camp, but shirts get wet and smelly really quick. Again, if it rains you suffer. The weather can be harshly cold and hot quickly, so be ready!

3. They weren’t kidding when they said bring raincoat and torchlight. You will definitely need it sooner than you think.

4. Portable fan – battery operated one. When it’s not raining, and you want to sleep in the tent, and it’s hot and stuffy, you may be thankful you brought a fan along.

5. Insect repellent and ointment is a must.

6. More than one towel, and a bed sheet if you are afraid of dirt. But discomfort is unavoidable, so bear with the hard ground to sleep on.

7. Don’t bother bringing electronics or money because you won’t and can’t use it. Phones will be confiscated.

8. Lot of water. Unless you trust the water cooler – I don’t.

9. Dry food like biscuits. Because if you get hungry at night they don’t give you anything.

10. A positive attitude. It gets tough to stay positive by the next “morning” but once you feel like to die, don’t worry, the worst is probably over.

I survived JPAM camp! So can you!

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